Decorating a Rented Space Think Outside of the Box

Decorating a Rented Space Think Outside of the Box

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Renting a place does not mean that you will have to live in a sterile room without any decorations. You will not be able to make all the changes you would like to, but it doesn’t mean that your hands are tied. Sometimes even the slightest, smallest changes will make the room look completely different, and having the place decorated the way you like it will make you feel at home in no time.

Use your walls

Hang your old photos everywhere – buy several frames, apply some glitter or simple buttons to them and hang them up. Use shelves to display your books, plants, stone collection, and porcelain plates – whatever you love and whatever makes you feel at home. Maybe you like the idea of putting up lovely wallpapers, but landlord is not too happy about it. You can make a compromise by opting for panel wallpapers instead. Aside from being incredibly convenient, these can be replaced as often as you like.

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Play with colours

Painting the walls may be something your landlord will want to do himself, but this doesn’t mean you cannot add splash of colour here and there. Bring in things you will later on be able to take out with you: bed covers, curtains, statement cushions, and rugs in shades of your favourite colour. You can have them all in the same colour, or you can play with different shades and hues and turn the place into playroom-like space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints too: geometric, Aztec, animal – which ever you like best.

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Pretty and efficient

When in doubt, use the things you already have and give them an additional purpose. Display the most common, everyday objects as fine art: arrange wooden spoons in a tall glass on your counter, display quilts in a crate, and have your pots and pans on hooks above the counter. Buy colourful kitchen towels, and you will be able to hang them on door handles or to leave them to dry on the counter and everyone will think they are tablecloths.

Brighten up

Beautiful light gives the room warmth, softens sharp edges, and makes the place come alive. Taking the thing into your own hands and playing with electricity is dangerous, and no landlord will like the idea of their tenants poking around wires. Instead, let your creative juices flow and use LED modules to make your own statement lamps, put linear LED on your closets and shelves to draw attention to your book collection, and use different use different lighting products to illuminate different parts of your apartment. You can even go as far and insert led lights into picture frames to get unique masterpieces. Dimmable LEDs you can play with will allow you to transform your room into a disco bar, and then back into simple room in a blink of an eye.

Minimalism forever

Use coloured paper and washi tape to make lovely art on your walls, windows, and doors without so much as thinking about drilling a hole in your walls. It is both effective and adorable, washi tape can make all sorts of crazy shapes such as diamonds, use them to make faux photo frames and ‘hang’ your photos, cut coloured pieces of paper into circles and turn them into oversized confetti which you can then put on the walls to make a mural. Even ordinary sheets of scrapbook paper can be turned into cute temporary wallpapers that will brighten up your room.

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Perhaps the place you just moved into isn’t yours, but that does not mean you cannot make it prettier and make yourself feel a bit more at home. Parts of it you don’t like can be covered up, while the nicest, coziest ones can be beautified even more if you’re creative enough.

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