Create an Art Garden for the Home

Create an Art Garden for the Home

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The artists garden indeed

Any artist will be at home here. On the other hand, you do not need to be an artist in order to create a home full of loving sculptures that intertwine with plants to give them some more life and energy. This is easy to do. Places such as The Artists Garden in Melbourne are fantastic for this. Otherwise go to any nursery, or enlist a bit of help from an interior designer, and you'll be in landscape heaven.

1. Buddha Statues

Great for adding serenity, peace and calm to any garden. It doesn't matter whether the statue is more spread out, or alternatively blended in, as in the first image above. Allow your home to be a retreat without the need to go on one, unless you really want to.

2. Waterfalls

Fantastic and popular, waterfalls pave the way for some relaxation, and depending on where they're located in your home, they water your plants too.

Chasing waterfalls is now good

3. Animal Sculptures

In landscaping, the bird bath is the most popular animal like sculpture in any home garden, yet the trend is for some more colourful animal objects, as if your home garden is suddenly an art gallery. Great when standing up, yet also great when attached to fences. These objects are also fantastic on sticks inside larger plants. You can also paint your own animal objects, and ensure they are coated in some clear shine afterwards, so to avoid the colours fading in direct sunlight.

Now the trend

4. Raw objects

As per the picture below, fashionable objects made from steel also give a bit more value to any home, and conversely to any home garden. Home improvement TV shows such as Better Homes and Gardens occasionally run segments on making such dusty sheets of steel so trendy. Teapot displays are popular, and so are heart shaped designs.

Trash into treasures at times

5. Pottery

Many people are signing up for pottery classes to enjoy some clay on their hands for extended periods of time, with the clear aim of creating some funky plant pots and other objects in bringing some art into the home garden, where mother nature meets natural hand made objects. Plastic plant pots will still have their place in the home, yet there are alternatives when made the right way, so to allow such plants some ample air.


If you have any other arty ideas for the home garden, then please share them.

A garden of love



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