Cool and Quirky Stationery Items for the Home Office

Cool and Quirky Stationery Items for the Home Office

Posted 2013-09-30 by Justine Crowleyfollow
An unconventional yet funky notepad for the home office

Suddenly, working from home can be quite fashionable. This is the beauty about having a home office. You're creating your own theme, and your own style. The creatives among us are naturally attune to this, however, even if you do not work in a creative type of profession, you can still add a little style and pizazz to your home office with some cool and quirky stationery items. It is fun to be a little unconventional, and sometimes, once you leave the home office, it can be a little tricky to switch.

Funky pens too

Come to think of such an occasion, it was quite funny when yours truly was about to sign an important business contract with a purple ballpoint pen; yet luckily enough, the old school blue pen was available for such occasions, and for when you're not scribbling and noting down your ideas and plans for your work.

Creative correction tapes. Who could have thought that making a little mistake could be so fashionable now.

Liquid paper (otherwise known as correction tape) can come in a myriad of creative designs, as in the image above.

The post-it-notes will still have their place, however Typo also sell these tiny clipboard notepads, designed to not take too much desk space, and they're really durable.

You can see those white doves, and another quirky pen on the writers home office desk.

On my desk at home, I needed something fresh, simple and fun that would blend in with the decor of my desk, computer, and other home office items. Those white glass dove place holders are fantastic, and all three of them only costed $10, yet they don't look cheap and tacky. They're great for holding any certificates/awards gained from your work, as well as for cardboard notes, photos, and affirmation cards to name. A simple way to pretty up any home office desk. Furthermore, the above image is a great way to personally keep me motivated and productive in periods where I feel a bit too tired to keep on going, and/or the words just aren't flowing as they normally would. It reminds you that you 'still have it.'

Blackboards are now funky

The backboard has claimed its fame in the kitchen, yet is also fantastic to hang up somewhere in the home office, to write down your to do list and/or the goals you'd like to achieve on a particular working day in the home.

Watermelon pen holders

Other quirky home office stationery items include different pen designs, as well as the watermelon pen holder (as per the image above) to name. Fantastic.

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