Colour pattern and texture ideas for your walls

Colour pattern and texture ideas for your walls

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There are so many choices when it comes to wall coverings. Wall stickers, wallpaper , murals, wall panels. There are various textures and colours on offer and all can be used to create a room theme to work with. Whatever your chosen style, be it floral, textured or plain, you can find the right combination to build the room you have always wanted. Have a look at a few examples below to give you ideas and inspiration.

If you like a neutral look room, grey can be a great colour choice. You can find a shade you like and then add furniture and accessories to match. You could keep a whole room to the grey theme, and then add just a hint of colour such as red or indigo in the form of sporadic cushions and ornaments. If you like the single colour look, you can see from the image below that you can also make that work! The image below makes use of tile effect grey wallpaper, continuing the theme in the form of stone tables and stone ornaments.

Grey tile wallpaper

Glitter wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular with designers and home owners. There is a range of grain sizes, colours and textures to choose from. You can go for a more subtle grain, which will give a softer appearance or even smooth holographic. Glitter wallpaper can work in a range of rooms including bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms. As there are a range of colours to choose from, you can make this work with all types of furniture and to fit most room designs. White and black are quite popular choices, due to the fact they can match with a range of designs and accessories.

glitter wallpaper

If you want something a bit different, which can offer a strong and original texture, try wall panels. The example below shows a wave pattern wall panel in brown, which can be used to create an interesting theme. There are many options of how you can make this work for you, but one idea that I would suggest is a nature theme. Sticking to earth tones and using extras such as plants or even an indoor fountain can create a relaxing ambiance.

brown wave wall panels

If you like a bright and colourful room, try something like the example below. With a strong flower pattern and bright colours, you could use this on your feature wall to instantly give your chosen room character and a base colour to work with.

pink floral wallpaper

Images used with full permission from the copyright owner, The Best Wallpaper Place .

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