Choosing The Right Plants for Your Home Garden

Choosing The Right Plants for Your Home Garden

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Seriously, how does your garden grow.

A question that appears to be on many homeowners lips, and now more so on the lips of those renting their own home. The garden is the area of rest and entertainment in the home. The difficulties can often lie in choosing the right plants for your home garden. This article serves as a guide to help you in doing this, and you don't need to be a great gardener, or a horticulturalist for that matter.

1. The Shape

What is the theme of your home garden? Even if it is your apartment balcony, how high do you want the plants to grow? Do you just want little plants that are cute, or plants that will grow as high as your roof or ceiling? Plants should not be selected just because they look 'pretty.' They also need to be selected on their structural effectiveness. Plants swaying to the side, in an area susceptible to wind is not a pretty look either. Many hardware stores run workshops on this, and/or offer invaluable advice to choose the right plants for your home. Professional interior decorators can also help.

Just under the balcony

2. Climate

Naturally, spring is an ideal time for planting new seeds. At any time of the year, indoor plants are also supreme. Think bamboo plants, ferns and zanzibar's to name. The plant must grow well in its place. If you are fortunate, say to be living in a ground floor unit or apartment, how considerate are your neighbours when it comes to keeping plants in your garden, instead of under their balcony? Light, temperature, soil fertility and salt tolerance factors (to name) also need to be considered. There is ample help around. Some plant types respond better to heat and/or to an abundance of water than others.

On a warm day, you know what to do.

3. Lifestyle

No different to selecting a home pet that will impact on your lifestyle one way or another, plants have the same effect. Speaking of which, having plants around a puppy or a kitten may not be such a good idea, for one obvious reason. Colour and shades are important considerations. Some plant types are evergreen, while others are only seasonal, just like fruits. If you have little children in the home; no matter how low maintenance and exotic such plants are, however if the sap is poisonous, this is not great for such homely circumstances. Busy people also need plants they rarely (if ever) need to water, and it is important to like the plant/s in question. Will the plant also make a mess on the surface? It also depends on how quickly you want your plants to grow as well.

Size does matter for some

The simple things in life, and in the home are often the best.



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