Choosing The Perfect Couch

Choosing The Perfect Couch

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Shopping for the right couch in the living room takes time and patience. Based on my recent experience, the whole process could easily consume several weeks before landing on one that ticks all the boxes.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the perfect couch or sofa for home.

Sofabed is ideal for small apartment

Firstly, size does matter. A good guide for couch size is the size of the room where it is intended for.
Measure up the room and bring the measurement along when sofa hunting. It would also be good to have a photo of the room saved in your phone. Make sure the couch also fits your doorway when it's delivered. Always ask how it will be delivered, whether fully-assembled or partially assembled.


Secondly, think about how you would like to use the couch. Is it for everyday lounge, occasional use, regular sleepover, or formal events? There are many types of couch to suit different needs and usage. For example, sofabed, chaise sofa, 1-seater sofa, or suite.

Sample color palette available in showrooms

Thirdly, pick a color that either blends well with the existing decor or a bold color that makes it stands out in the room. Neutral color seems to work well in most settings and the advantages is that it allows you to play with colors by adding accessories in pop colors.

Finally, the materials used to make the sofa may vary in price considerably. Do a research on the estimated pricing for different types of materials as well as their pros and cons. Set a budget before you on shopping trips. Leather has a luxurious feel, long-lasting and easy to clean but it is also expensive and scratch-prone. Other fabric materials include cotton and linen which are cheaper than leather but could be hard to clean and less durable.

Product description sheets

In conclusion, take your time to look for the right one. Visit showrooms to get a feel of the couch and have a look at their color palettes. Feel free to ask the staff for quotation (customization, warranty, delivery fee etc), and the product description sheets on those you like.


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