Best Herbs to Grow

Best Herbs to Grow

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Herbs are some of the most essential ingredients in many cooking recipes whether they are Asian, Western, Mediterranean or others. Fresh herbs enhance the flavor and aroma of foods. Growing your own herbs will give you fresh from the garden ingredients anytime you need.

Pasta with basil pesto

Best of all, herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow even if you don't have a yard. They can be planted in small pots and containers in the house, near the kitchen where you have easy access to them.

All kinds of herbs

There are many kinds of herbs to grow depending on your preference and cooking needs. Some herbs are easier to grow and maintain than the others, for example:

Spring Onion

Spring Onion

It is grown from seeds or onion bulb where the leaves are thinly chopped for salsas or toppings for Asian noodle dish. Spring onions are also known as scallion or green onion can be eaten raw or cooked. Scallion pancakes and stir-fry are some of the common uses of spring onions.


Known for its rapid growth, it spreads quickly. Thus, planting mint in containers help to contain the growth. This lovely herb is commonly used for seasoning meat, garnishing and even in the dessert e.g. chocolate mint pie. The leaves can also be brewed into tea.

Whether it is used fresh or dried, rosemary has beautiful flavor and fragrance. Best to grow in hot and sunny locations, the plant still grows well in cold season as long as it's indoor. Perfect for roast dishes or simply as air freshener.


Also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley, the aroma of the herb blends well in various dishes such Chinese dumpling soup, Vietnamese pho, Mexican guacamole and many more. The leaves are sometimes used as dish garnish too.

It is a versatile herb used in many cuisines from Thai to Italian. The hint of spicy flavor is great for Tom Yam soup, pizzas, pesto and salad. There are many varieties of Basil which you can plant either from seeds or transplanting baby plants.

Spring is a perfect time to start, so get some pots and containers and have a little herb garden in your kitchen.


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