Benefits of having a Water Cooler in your home

Benefits of having a Water Cooler in your home

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We are quite aware of the benefits of water, and we also know what happens if the water we drink is not pure and safe. Water does much more than just quenching our thirst. It keeps our body hydrated and helps us avoid several major illnesses. Pure water is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

So, whether it be home or office, everybody should be encouraged to drink as much water as possible. One possible way of doing so is to offer water that people would enjoy drinking. Many people avoid drinking water for two reasons – one is the fear that the water may be unsafe and the other being a dislike for water that is served at room temperature. Thanks to the wide availability of filtered water coolers, these problems can easily be solved.

Filtered water coolers help increase productivity:

Every home or office should make it a point to a install filtered water cooler. It would be disservice to the health of the employees in an office to have them starved for pure and cool drinking water. By offering safe and cool water, you can keep the employees in healthy phyical and mental state. This will only add to the productivity and well being of the people.

Installing a filtered water cooler:

Getting a water cooler installed is very easy. Some water cooler models are as easy to install as any plug-and-play device. This means you do not even need any plumbing support. Many water cooler companies do not even charge for the installation. So you do not have to pay anything more than the price of the cooler.

If you buy it from an established player in the field things are going to be even much easier. You just have to ensure a water supply in place around the spot you are looking to get the water cooler installed. You have the option to choose between bottled and benchtop water coolers.
The latter can be installed with much more ease.
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Once the water cooler in installed you can entrust the job of annual maintenance to the dealer who supplied you the cooler. Thus you can be sure of round the clock supply of safe and cool drinking water. The maintenance cost is usually low and within the budget.

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Things to consider when buying a water cooler:

  • Choosing a trustworthy supplier – You have to be sure that the water cooler you are planning to buy provides you safe and cool drinking water. You can accomplish this by verifying the credibility of this from whom you are buying the water cooler.

  • There are many companies manufacturing and supplying water coolers. It is best to rely on the one which has an established brand. Cost should be a secondary criterion for making a decision.

  • There are many minute details that require attention while manufacturing a water cooler and only an established player can ensure safety and standards. To get a list of credible suppliers you can browse the internet and you will be able to get a feedback on most of the suppliers.

  • Size of the filter – The other important aspect you need to consider is the size and capacity of the water cooler. The size you need would depend on the number of people who would be using the water cooler. You need to tell the vendor the number of people who would use the water cooler. Accordingly, he would be able to guide you on the right model.

  • Additional feature – Water coolers also come with additional features like cup holders. The size of the cup holder should be big enough so that it can hold at least as many cups as would be consumed in a day.

  • If you are planning to install one for your place don't forget to check the various offers on water coolers that may be available.
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    You can probably spot a great deal and the chances of discount are higher if you buy during the off season.


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