A Safe Home When Youre Away From Home

A Safe Home When Youre Away From Home

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When you are traveling, make sure to keep these safety precautions to keep your home safe when you travel. There are also some tips included to protect yourself and your belongings, when on a holiday as well.

1. Check household insurance

A household insurance is also known as hazard or home insurance that covers a private residence. It offers personal insurance protection that includes losses to a person’s home, its contents. Loss of use or loss of other personal possessions of the owner. It can also cover liabilities that may occur inside the home such as accidents that may or may not happen in the hands of the homeowner. So, before going away, it is best to check the coverage of the insurance.

2. Keep valuables safe

Invest in a home security system and make sure to turn it on at all times. You’ll never know the workings of the mind of a burglar. So, be watchful just as burglars are also watchful of your home and your belongings. Even with just a fast trip to a store, a home security system should be turned on.

When you are on vacation, it is always best to keep any valuables like money, passport, credit cards, and camera with you at all times. A money belt or belt bag is a convenient storage for all of these necessities. It is also a safe way to keep and prevent misplacing any of them.

A slashproof bag or backpack is also a trend nowadays, which is effective in keeping your belongings safe. This is ideal when going on public transportation as it is an ideal venue for thieves.

When you already have these safety precautions, never forget to keep some of the money in other places much safer like your bra or other hidden pockets. This way, you won’t end up with zero money in case something happens.

3. Protect self and luggage
The only way to protect oneself and luggage when traveling is by being watchful of the people around and the surroundings. Luggage thieves are just lurking around the corner, waiting to jump at every chance they get on personal belongings they may find unattended. So, never leave belongings anywhere. Also, it is best to dress simply and not bring valuable gadgets and bags or any of the expensive stuff along when traveling. These objects simply attract thieves, which can bring your life in danger.

4. Don’t tell everyone you are going on a holiday
Never ever tell anyone, especially friends on social media, that you are going on a holiday trip. This may signal thieves and would-be burglars to take advantage of a house without its owner. This is also a risk of losing insurance claims when your house is robbed, if you posted photos of the trip. This gives a reason for insurance companies not to pay out because the owner did not do well enough to guard their homes against the burglar incident.

5. Unplug all unnecessary appliances
Unplug all electrical appliances before going out the door. This protects the house from accidental fires and prevents electrical power surges. This also saves you a lot on the electric bill. When it comes to the fridge, it is still best to unplug it as well. Just give away all the perishables and other items that may not be safe to eat when you get back. Once you have gotten rid of those, defrost it and remove all moisture while leaving the doors open. This prevents mold from developing inside the refrigerator.

Never forget to protect your house when you go on a holiday. This will allow you to enjoy and keep your mind off your house. But more importantly, never forget to protect yourself too. Be wary of the surroundings and the people you meet.


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