5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Tight Budget

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home on a Tight Budget

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Needing a revamp in your home doesnt need to cost a fortune, sometimes you can redecorate the pieces you have already got. Image is from morguefile.com.

When planning to decorate, some decorators may fall into an impulse mind trap. Impulse decorating can be as expensive, wasteful and poorly executed as a shopping spree that started with the need for a lamp. Instead of a willy-nilly approach to decorating your home, consider 5 ways to decorate your home on a tight budget.

Pound Wise, Pennies Thrive:

A successful approach to many things often starts with a plan. Typically, plans start with objectives. Decide on the end goals. Break the plan into strategic manageable decorating projects with individual time frames. For instance, plan to decorate each room over the course of a month. Plan to spend no more than a week on each major room. Envision each room as a project stepping stone to overall home decorating goals.

Back in Black:

Once overall decorating goals are in place, develop a reasonable budget. Today there’s no shame in planning with a tight budget. In fact, cheap is the new black. Saving money overall can free up money for special buys. Plus, it’s easier than ever to save a lot of money online by buying directly from sources.

What’s On Base?:

Before buying items, develop a baseline of what home furniture and accessories already exist. Base lining keeps costs low and waste minimized. Take stock of existing décor inside and outside your home, and the home of friends and family. Consider taking photos of major pieces, smaller ones or items that are likely candidates for decorating action. A fresh survey with an objective eye can trigger decorating brainstorms. You can expect revisions throughout the decorating process.

Use Something Old:

Along with observations, incorporate the concept of something old into the decorating plan . Decorating is as much about the new vase as it is about an old rug. Something old doesn’t have to be boring. Use the accent rug in the living room beside the bed or under the night stand. Expose old wood rather than covering with carpet might be just what the living room needs. Additionally, installing a used, old vintage piece like a steamer trunk in the living room can be less expensive than a new coffee table.

Use Something Renewed:

Besides including something old into the decorating plan, include recycling. What can you do to make that living room couch different? Besides online resources, friend, family and social networks are founts of recycling ideas. When it comes to recycling, you can do it yourself as well as buy recycled items. Cosmetic recycling enhancements run the gamut--stripping, staining, painting, stenciling, stamping, embellishing and more. Anyone can recycle anything and everything for a space makeover. Add beading to accent a pillow, or fringe a lamp shade. Subtract table legs or the table top and add new ones.

Check out this old chair that has been given a funky new lease on life. See the difference it makes Image is from morguefile.com.

Use Something Else:

Home Decor All images used are from creative commerce section free to use and share httpcommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileHometheatertysto2.jpg

Besides recycling furniture or buying recycled products, consider overhauling an item into something with new functionality. For example, a wooden drawer might turn into something else, such as a painted drawer shelf or plant stand. Endless online social networks and websites discuss how to repurpose objects into home décor. Sidestep expense by enhancing object appeal.

Ask Somebody Else:

Include something borrowed into the decorating plan, another form of recycling. Borrow or barter like objects for like, or for something different. Friends, family, or social networks may have the missing throw rug needed to complete a room. And everyone saves money. Check out direct-to-consumer sources like this site for example that sells vases at great prices. You can save yourself a lot of money by shopping around.

Sense Appeal:

A decorating plan should survey and target areas from top to bottom. Include major, minor, unifying, oddball, and accent pieces. Observe color, styles, design, texture and aroma to appreciate the particular interior tastes. Observe patterns, cohesiveness and themes or lack of same. Apply changes to create the desired interior design objectives.

Rather than falling victim to wanton shopping, launch your home decorating process with a plan and budget. Consider 5 ways to decorate your home on a tight budget. Plan to use something old, something new, and something borrowed. Objects at home are ready to recycle. A cosmetic makeover is never out of style. Repurpose objects into new ones. Swap objects with others or from nature. Arrange and manipulate visual, sound, tactile, aromatic and taste elements to enrich your living space into a home sweet home.


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