5 Tips to Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

5 Tips to Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

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The kitchen is the most used portion of a house at any given point of time because we all need to eat and the food is typically prepared in the kitchen. So since all sort of food preparation goes on in the kitchen, it is very important to keep the kitchen area clean.

Otherwise the deposit of grime and dust will make your kitchen look very dirty; which over a period of time will become almost impossible to clean up without professional help. To avoid that sort of situation here are some tips to clean your kitchen the smart way without losing too much time and energy.

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Tip 1: Organise your kitchen so that whenever you need something you will always have it nearby. Also organizing your kitchen will help you keep the kitchen clean as specific items need more attention than others. Clean the cabinets thoroughly and discard all the things that have become unusable or has expired its utility; this way you can make space for new things as well.

Tip 2: Make sure to clean the two most used equipments in the kitchen regularly so that you don’t have to duel on it every time you think they need cleaning. These equipments are the refrigerator and the microwave. Clean the fridge of all and any spoilt food or consumables that have passed its expiration date as there might have been bacteria growth on them. Microwave cleaning is pretty easy with the ‘steam clean’ option but for an added fragrance just drop in a few drops of lime juice which will keep your microwave smelling fresh.

Tip 3: Clear up the dishwasher and stove before and after cooking every time so that the dirty dishes and the grime on the stove does not pile up and create a mess for you. This way the dishwasher will always be clean and empty so you do not have to empty it all out and put in the newly dirty stuff in it and get it cleaned right away. If the dishwasher is not empty then you might have to stow away the newly dirty stuff which will lead to a huge pile of dirty utensils and wares.

Tip 4: Another kitchen essential that people generally miss or avoid cleaning is the sink and disposal. If you keep cleaning the sink and disposal regularly then the dirt won’t pile up and leave you with a huge pile of dirty smelling mess. Always make sure to use a disinfectant and detergent while cleaning the sink and disposal. Also invest in a fragrant detergent so that your kitchen smells fresh.

Tip 5: The kitchen floor and counter tops are the places where there is maximum amount of dirt settlement as everyone passes through the kitchen and eats on the counter top. Keep them clean and your kitchen will look and feel clean always.

Following these tips will help you keep your kitchen clean without having to make specific time to do the cleaning. It can look like a huge task but if done correctly and smartly it is very easy and simple to keep your kitchen clean.

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