5 Tips For The Perfect Wooden Floor

5 Tips For The Perfect Wooden Floor

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When it comes to getting a perfect timber floor, there are many things that you need to consider. From the polish to the stain colour. From the lacquer to the condition of the wood.

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However at the end of the day none of these matter if your floor sanding isn’t done correctly in the first place.

You see, just as with painting a wall, when it comes to treating a wooden floor the results truly come from the preparation.

So to ensure that you get the best results possible from your next renovation, below you’ll find our five top tips for correctly preparing your wooden floor.

1. Do your home work

Before you go ripping into your gorgeous timber floor with a sander, it's important that you do your homework. What type of wood do you have? How many times has it been sanded back? What is the outcome you’re aiming for with this renovation?

Its essential that you get very clear on what you're trying to achieve early as it’ll save you a fortune down the line.

2. Use different grades

When sanding your floor, it’s essential that you use different grades of sand paper correctly.
You see, not all sand paper is the same, and not all sand paper is right for the exact floor that your sanding. However as a rule of thumb use the table below:

Sand 1: P40
Sand 2: P80
Sand 3: P120
Sand 4: P240
Sand 5: P1000

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3. Patience, patience, patience

As you can see in tip #2 , you generally need to sand a floor multiple times. While it might seem tempting to skip ahead and miss some of the sands in the middle if you do this you’ll likely end up with a far inferior product. Your woodgrain won’t shine through, and you may even end up with an unbalanced floor by pushing too hard too fast.

4. Research the right stain

Do you want a dark or a light appearance to your finished floor? Perhaps you want to make the natural hardwood sing, or maybe cover up the cheap pine that your floors made from. Regardless of the outcome, do your research on the best stain for you as everyone is different.

Image provided by Max Francis Quality Floors

5. Get professional advice

The biggest tip that I can give you is to get advice from a floor sanding and polishing professional. They do this every day, and their advice is invaluable.

Yes you often need to invest more than doing it yourself, however the results will speak for themselves.

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