3 Steps to Protecting Your Home

3 Steps to Protecting Your Home

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Security is a top priority for most home owners. But beyond an average alarm, many remain unsure how to best protect their family and property. Fortunately, there are several practical steps that can go a long ways in preventing crime in your neighborhood. Here are three simple steps to keep your house secure.

Surveillance camera on the roof of a house. Image by Worradmufreedigitalphotos.net.

1. Build a Perimeter

A great way to start securing your home is by creating a less than welcoming perimeter. Make your home unappealing to possible predators. This can be accomplished by planting thorny bushes around the backyard fence making it difficult to climb.

A prickly plant can deter intruders. Image by Foto76freedigitalphotos.net.

Keeping exteriors well lit is also important. You can place solar lights around walkways and steps to deter burglars. Lighting stairways and exterior doorways is especially important.

A dog can serve two purposes as a security feature and a family pet. Whether your dog seems particularly vicious or not, seeing a dog will discourage thieves from visiting your property.

A dog is not only a great pet, they can also help to deter intruders. Image by Victor Habbickfreedigitalphotos.net.

2. Install a Security System

Today, there are many incredible technologies which can be used to protect your home. Security systems can monitor everything from shattered glass to unlocked doors or running water. With the advancement of smartphones, home security has grown, too.

There are many different types of security systems to choose from to protect your home.

Many alarm systems connect with a mobile device to allow homeowners to monitor their house when they are away. If a door is left unlocked, it can be locked with an app. If a light is left on in the garage, your phone can alert you and turn it off. Cameras can also be checked even while you are out of the house.

Another great feature of smartphone monitoring includes the ability to allow the right people access to your house when you can’t be there to let them in. When visitors like a repairman, house cleaner or friend arrive while you’re out, you can remotely let them inside. This ensures greater home security and convenience without the risk of leaving a hidden key near your front door.

3. Know Your Neighbors

A final fantastic way to ensure your home’s safety whether you’re inside or out is to make friends with your neighbors. Friendly neighbors who know one another’s routines and are at least aware of events happening in each other’s lives can better look out against suspicious activity on their street. Elderly neighbors who may be at home during most of the day can be an excellent guard because many burglaries happen during the middle of the day when children are at school and adults are away at work.

Establishing a healthy relationship with your neighbors should prove relatively simple to start. Whether it means saying hello while at the mailbox or stopping to chat for a minute when walking around the block or gardening in the front yard, you can build a connection that will help them to look out for your family as you keep an eye out for them, too. Many communities also form more formal organisations and neighborhood watches to get everyone involved.

Whether you are looking for home security in Houston, USA or the suburbs of Perth, Australia, there are plenty of helpful tips to help keep your family safe.


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