3 Quick Tips for Refurbishing Old Footstools

3 Quick Tips for Refurbishing Old Footstools

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You do not have to toss out that old footstool, even if it looks as if it’s seen better days! After all, it most likely serves many purposes in your home and you will be lost without it. Refurbishing that old footstool can really be a quick and affordable DIY project sure to freshen your sitting room or living room.

Here are three tips for refurbishing an old footstool that only require a few hours of your time but will make an extraordinary difference in how the footstool looks:

How to refurbish old footstools.

1: Remove: The first step involves removing old layers of paint or stain so that you get down to the bare wood. You will need to scrap off the old paint or use paint remover and then use fine-grain sandpaper to get rid of all the layers. If you use paint remover, be sure to test it in a small, inconspicuous area to make sure it does not damage the wood on the footstool.

2: Refresh: Depending on the state of your foot stool, a refresh could involve as little as a new coat of high-gloss varnish that reduces the appearance of scratches to as much as the work suggested in the first step. Take the time to determine how much work needs to be done with the wood. For example, if there are cracks in the wood, you will want to use some filler. Also check for anything that needs repair like wobbly or uneven legs. At this point, you can either repaint or stain it, according to how you want it to coordinate with your decor. To make it more your own, you can even paint a pattern around the wood and legs of the foot stool or use furniture decals or stencils.

3: Re-cover: The best way to give an old stool new life is to add a new cover to it and, if necessary, add new stuffing to it. You will just need to measure the old cover and perhaps even use it as the model for cutting the new upholstery material. All you need to do is add new batting and spray adhesive between each layer and then add the upholstery on top. Centre the material and turn the stool upside down so you can staple it tightly against the wood. You can even add decorative nails around the areas where the foot stool fabric and wood meet if you want to give it a particular design look.

We love this footstools beautiful fabric

Supplies you'll need:

Depending on what type of refurbishing you are doing on the footstool, you may need some or all of the following supplies:

= Scissors
= Staple gun and staples
= Tape measures
= Upholstery fabric
= Quilt batting
= Furniture polish
= Varnish or gloss
= Paint remover
= Scraper
= Sandpaper
= Marker
= Spray adhesive

Photo credits:

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Patterned footstool:


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