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Shower Cabins - Good Alternative To a Regular Shower Stall

by Will T (follow)
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Do you feel like you are just not receiving enough benefits from your traditional shower stall? If so, you should consider making the transition to the high-tech shower cabins. This will not only make your shower room look more modernized, but you will be able to enjoy the innumerable benefits that this wonderful steam shower can offer.

Below you will discover everything that you need to know about the shower cabins.

Steam Production

Image Source:Smart Price Warehouse

Some shower cabins are equipped with a steam generator that produces a water vapor, which in turn generates a high amount of humidity. The steam will fill the entire cabin, so you can easily reap its great benefits. The sealed cabin keeps the steam trapped in to the enclosed area so that it cannot escape, this feature alone will protect your bathroomís interior from becoming damaged, by moisture.

You will also have the option of utilizing the traditional showerhead, as well, so it is like bathing in two showers at once. If youíre interested in the steam, make sure you choose one with this option!

The Installation

Although one might believe otherwise, the installation process is simple and any DIY enthusiast will be able to complete the task. The entire installation process can be completed within a matter of hours. The units are free standing, so they donít require fixing to the wall with supports or brackets. Either way, youíll be enjoying you new shower cabin in no time at all.


To ensure that youíre able to find exactly what youíre after, youíll be able to purchase these cabins in various sizes. This offers a little bit of freedom and also ensures that youíll be able to replace your previous enclosure very easily. Be sure to take precise measurements, before you buy!

Hydro Massage Jets and Foot Spa

Of course, there is an assortment of different benefits that can be achieved with this particular type of shower that isnít available with others. The hydro massage jets and foot spa happens to be just a couple of them. Although these features arenít available with every shower cabin, you can ensure that theyíre added to yours! With these additional features, the shower cabin not only replaces the traditional shower, but also it enhances it entirely! Although they might be a little more costly, the overall benefits and new features are entirely worth it!

Digital Control Panel and Mood Lighting

Steam Shower Control Panel
Image Source:Steam Shower Parts.

If youíre interested in taking a digital approach to your shower experience, youíll want to consider the shower cabin, digital control panel and mood lighting. Suffice to say, these features are astounding and can provide you with some awesome new possibilities. With the digital control panel, youíll never have to turn those old hot and cold knobs ever again. With the push of a button, you will be able to start the water and control its temperature. Mood lighting is also an awesome feature that will help to create a relaxing environment in your shower! Be sure to consider all of these options and remember that the shower cabin is the start of the revolution.

Circulation Fan

Normal showers tend to fog up really bad, which can lead to problems. This isnít the case with the shower cabin, which is completely concealed. The steam will never be able to escape thanks to the circulation fan. Switch this baby on and you will be able to eliminate it, before opening the door.


At the end of the day, the shower cabin is more than capable of replacing the traditional shower! In fact, it takes the showering experience to a whole new level and provides you with more features and an enormous amount of comfortable and relaxation. If you want to experience the revolution in showering, the cabin is the way to go.

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