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Seven Unique Floors You'll Love

by Robert Keith (follow)
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Spoilt for choice, it can be a challenge for decorators trying to settle on flooring options when there are more ways than ever to create beautiful, seamless floor designs.

Installation and maintenance of the finished product is a major consideration, and deciding how the space will be used is paramount.

But now’s the time to have some fun, get creative and explore some fresh and novel floor designs.

Modular flooring

Colourful Zany Tiles
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A strong and flexible option, modular floors are perfect for homes, commercial zones with heavy foot traffic and offices. The idea is to create a unique design using modular tiles of different sizes, which can be made from vinyl, wood, or carpet. Vinyl is having some resurgence, most likely because of its close replication of stone, slate, marble and tumbled natural stone. Modular tiles are a brilliant option for schools, basements and playrooms as they not only bring life and colour to vast floor areas, they help break up straight lines due to the mixture of tile sizes used in the space.

Stenciled floor

Dust off your paintbrush - this idea is great for those who want to make their home a personal reflection of their creativity. Stenciling a floor involves your ideas and an artist’s steady hand with designing and cutting a stencil. It’s not uncommon to see vast stenciled designs used as a way to connect rooms or disjointed areas. They’re also a novel design option in bedrooms and relaxation rooms, hip cafes and boutiques.

Stained concrete

Colourful Zany Tiles
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Choosing the colour of your stained concrete floor isn’t the only decision you get to make. You can choose from glazed, satin or matte finishes, even the texture of the concrete. Some decorators choose a marbled look to create artificial textures to break up a large floor area, while others go for a highly glazed finish or even stain it to look like an area of semi-precious stone such as turquoise.

Spray painting

A plain concrete entry way could have a spruce-up with the simple application of spray paint using a stencil made to look like cobblestones or pavers. First, the concrete will need to be cleaned thoroughly using a commercial preparation to remove mildew, lichen and stains; then once you’ve finished, the masterpiece is set with a protective coating. It’s a great option for tiny patios and entry areas.

Painted wood

Colourful Zany Tiles
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The Scandinavians did it first: dark wooden floorboards are instantly brightened up when they’re painted with a couple of coats of wood wash, which is a translucent, pastel-coloured floor paint. The semi-sheer look still means you’ll see the grain and texture of the wooden floor, but it draws light into the room, disguises stained patches on old floors, making the wood look cleaner. Even new floors can use the treatment, which instantly ages the timber to make it look like limed or bleached wood.

All you need to do is sand your deck or floorboards, choose your paint colour, and start painting.

Painted concrete

Existing concrete floors can look tired with age, so an application of a semi- sheer, coloured wash can give them the instant pick-me-up they need. The existing texture is highlighted with the fresh colour and you can even create an entirely new look by marking out “tiles” which can be filled in your choice of colours.

Zany tiles

Colourful Zany Tiles
Image By ShutterStock

Why stick to convention? The smallest room in the house can have a fun makeover with tiles in wild, neon colours placed in herringbone or zig-zag shapes. Guests will have a giggle when they’re paying the room a visit and the project won’t cost you a fortune.

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