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Renovating the Bedroom and Fresh Décor Ideas

by VerityG (follow)
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How much time has it passed since the last time you did something for your bedroom? How long are you waking up to the same old view over and over, and how long since you will be utterly sick of the stale look of it? Well, you should not wait too long; if you do not do anything, once you are tired of it you will already get used to the same old view, and will not bother doing anything about it. But you should always keep things fresh in the bedroom, as they say, even if in this case they say it literally. So do not procrastinate any longer, get up, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to do some renovating.

bedroom bed mattress decor paint furnish clean home house room trend design

Before anything else, you should start with some cleaning. This will give you a blank slate to start with, and while cleaning, you will make space to think about all the decorations you could put in said space. You might even want to think about repainting the room. The bedroom is your own personal space, so you definitely should personalise it as much as you can – keep it fresh, but keep it your own.

Maybe you like the melancholy of darker colours, so paint it in darker shades to have a meditative and peaceful atmosphere. Or you have an energetic and active personality that needs to express itself; paint the room in vibrant colours – yes, colours! Why stick to only one? – to reflect the unruliness of your nature. Have a blast with all the colours while picking one, and, later, when applying it. The only limits you have to personalising your bedroom are the ones your imagination could place on you. Be as creative as you can be while figuring out what you want, and you can even experiment all you want.

bedroom bed mattress decor paint furnish clean home house room trend design

After the whole painting endeavour is done, it is the cleaning’s turn. Wait until the paint dries out, of course! Now, take out your dusters, wipes, mops, brooms, brushes, and cleaning products, and get ready. Start from top to bottom with the duster and remove all the cobwebs, then dust all surfaces – shelves, cabinets, drawers, tables, etc. You can now move to the windows and spray your chosen cleaning product, followed by vigorous wiping – on both sides; you would be amazed at how many people forget that and clean only the inside – until the pane is spotless. Then brush up the sills, and move on to vacuuming all the fallen dust and window sill dirt from the carpet. Speaking of carpet, either send it to the carpet cleaners, or prepare for some carpet cleaning yourself. Take out a soft or medium-stiff bristled brush and take it to the carpet to scrub off any lingering dirt and all your hairs which you may not even be aware that were there.

Alternatively, you can always hire a cleaning agency to do the cleaning for you. The professional from Cleaners Cleaning Ltd will definitely do a faster job, so just check your local cleaning service options and pick one that is cheap and right for the job.

After all this, the state your bedroom is in right now, is the perfect state to start the new decor. Even with the smallest amount of furniture, a bedroom may have plenty of ways to be decorated. The bed can be in the middle of the room, like a focus point for all other objects, or it can go in the corner to make space for other things. The wardrobe or dresser can be next to a wall of either side of the bed, or you can remove it completely to another room.

bedroom bed mattress decor paint furnish clean home house room trend design

Do you have a study? If not, and your bedroom has enough space, you can place a desk for your PC or laptop, and why not add a shelf or two to place all your unread or favourite books so that they are always at hand whenever you need them. Have an end table near the bed for your night lamp. And have fun when choosing the night lamp – there are so many ideas to go with, and even if you have none, the store can offer a myriad of options. Pick one that goes with your new bedroom – a coloured one, a dark-light type, a lava lamp, go crazy with your choices, it is all on you after all.

Feeling wild? Install a sound system in the bedroom for all your symphonic, folk, rock, or metal needs before slumber or after waking up. Maybe you would like a TV in the bedroom? Place one on the dresser, or get a separate cabinet or table for it to have some personal TV time. Maybe you are a video games aficionado; add a game console if your PC is not enough for you. Place literally anything and everything you need and you like. The bedroom is your space, so it should be decorated by your standard.

Speaking of wardrobes, you might want to put some order to yours. Organising the wardrobe might be a bit tedious, but you put an order to everything else, so why not? Take out all your clothes, start folding and putting back in a seasonal order – the farthest season’s clothes goes to the back of the wardrobe, and the current’s, to the front. You have no idea how easy this will make your mornings when you are rushing to get dressed.

bedroom bed mattress decor paint furnish clean home house room trend design

All that is left is to add some accessories. Add a painting or two to show your appreciation of art, or maybe a photo of a relative or a loved one, if you are feeling sentimental.

Now your new bedroom is complete, and you can cherish every centimetre of it. Relax on your comfy bed and enjoy the new view, listen to music, watch the TV, or play away – today is the first day until the next renovation idea comes.

Article provided by Sofia Lewis.
All images have been bought from iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

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