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Post-Renovation Cleaning Tips

by VerityG (follow)
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A home needs to have proper and regular maintenance done, but it will also require a bit of cleaning from time to time to make it shine.

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You could be involved in the simpler things, such as putting up new kitchen furniture or appliances, deep cleaning and eliminating potential sources of mould and more. All of this requires dedication and effort but they can leave a bit of a mess, especially after a major renovation project that needed a lot of work.

Whether you decided to make a room look better, added something onto your home, put up better insulation or a similar solution, the end result will be that you still need to take care of cleaning the rooms and making them shine again.

You can get things going with a number of really easy preparations before your major project, so you can deal with less mess later down the line. The following tips will give you more information on the subject and how you can handle it with greater success:

Begin your work by focusing on the walls and areas where you had renovation projects take place. You need to pay close attention to the moulding and you should not ignore any area if you want to have a job well done. You can make use of a long broom or some duster with an extension to clean the hard to reach locations that need special attention. If you have any textured walls that need the extra attention, then you will need to vacuum them carefully with a good brush attachment. This will help avoid any damage to the walls during house cleaning and you will have a much easier time dealing with it in the long run. If you have any wallpaper that needs to be cleaned, then you should do so by wiping them with a damp cloth so they will be easier to clean as well.

wooden floor parquet laminate mop cleaning clean scrub home house shine sparkle detergent brush broom sponge bucket

The next thing you need to cover is vacuuming the floors anywhere you can after the renovation efforts. Make sure you do so as thoroughly as you can, since dust will easily be carried from one room to another, making things far worse if youíre not careful and you will likely be breathing it in for months to come if you donít do things with diligence. You can do some mopping of most areas as well, such as linoleum and wood floors to remove any stains and persistent spots that stick around even after youíre done vacuuming. Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to ensure you will not breathe in the finer particles resulting after a major renovation project.

wooden floor parquet laminate mop cleaning clean scrub home house shine sparkle detergent brush broom sponge bucket

You will also need to make sure you do upholstery cleaning with the proper upholstery attachment during vacuuming. This should be done even if you had most of the furniture hidden under plastic wrapping for its protection, as chances are despite that it will have collected enough dust to be a problem in the long run. You should also do the same for any other type of fabric such as window drapes and other accessories around the house. Some tidying up is necessary before you can call it a day and call your project complete, so this is an absolute must, no matter how annoying it may be to deal with it.

Remove and clean up the light fixtures of your home so they can be freshened up and looking as good as new once more. If your home has a ceiling fan installed in any of the rooms that were renovated or even in another room, you should clean the blades. If the fan was in a renovated room chances are you didnít turn it on for a long time and it gathered dust that could easily fall down once you start it up again. Do some dusting and cleaning and it will be ready to go.

wooden floor parquet laminate mop cleaning clean scrub home house shine sparkle detergent brush broom sponge bucket

Clean the air conditioning vents with some water and soap so they wonít end up housing any dust when you turn the AC back on. Unscrew them, open them up and see about changing out the filters so you can start fresh when the renovation is complete. When you do that you will likely find out that the filters you already had there are pretty dusty, especially if the renovation has been going on for a while now and you did use the air conditioning to cool off your home during that time. If you had any painting done you may find out the painters decided to remove the filters to allow for better draw and air circulation during that time. Put up the new filters when youíre done with cleaning and youíre ready.

Wipe the dust from your furniture all over the place and remember to remove any decorations and books that are in the way, as well as anything that prevents you from completing the task.

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Article provided by Sofia Lewis.
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