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Is an Indoor Pool a Good Idea?

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Many people cannot wait for the summer to come but once the temperatures are too high to function, all anybody really thinks about is spending their free time cooling themselves in the pool. However, there are those who are unable to wait for the hot weather and love swimming in the pool regardless of the season. Those people may decide to build an indoor pool that is available for them 24/7 throughout the whole year.

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Are you one of them? Before making a final decision, here are four questions you have to ask yourself:

Can I Easily Incorporate it into my House Design?

The best time for building one is before building your house in the first place, as then you can consult with an experienced constructor and easily insert it in your plans. However, if you have moved into a house without one, you should not be discouraged as you can always build an additional pool room to the side of the house, or even separated in the backyard, depending on how big it is.

What Kind of Pool Do I Need?

It is also really important to figure out why you are building an indoor pool, as it affects size, shape, and the cost of it. If you are an athlete, and wish to swim regularly for exercise, then you should consider a bigger, most commonly rectangular-shaped pool, as you will need a lot of space. On the other hand if you want to have an oasis in the middle of your home, a plunge pool is exactly what you are looking for. They are usually smaller in size, cheaper, and easy to maintain, so you would be able to own your personal indoor spa, as some of them can function as hot tubs.

swimming pool spa home improvement luxury towel flowers relax chill massage
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How am I Supposed to Maintain It?

The maintenance can cost you a lot, especially if you do not do it regularly, as then a lot of breakdowns might occur.

First of all, make sure that the PH levels are just right so that you prevent water corrosion. You can do this by getting testing strips that you can find in any pool store, or taking a sample of the pool water to get tested, quite often free of charge.
The water also has to be crystal clear, so that you do not have any algae or bacteria in it. However, as they do appear from time to time, you need to have shock chemicals by your side to get rid of them quickly.

swimming pool spa home improvement luxury towel flowers relax chill massage
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You also need to make sure that you change the filter regularly, because after some time, chemicals that are added to your pool will turn it green, and soon it will not work properly and not be able to clean your water on a daily basis, as it should.

Will It All Cost Me an Arm and a Leg?

Of course, the price of the construction depends on the person you hire to do it for you, but if you are going for larger ones, you will have to prepare yourself to pay a bit more. You also need to know that once you build it, you are not done with the expenses, as an indoor pool requires good ventilation, as well as heating, in order to ensure a comfortable level of humidity. A smart move would be to set the budget before you start with any planning, as it will help you greatly when deciding on the size and the shape of the pool.

swimming pool spa home improvement luxury towel flowers relax chill massage
Image by Mariamichelle via pixabay.com

Building an indoor pool is a big endeavour, and not just when it comes to construction. They are pretty practical, as you can have your own spa retreat, or an olympic pool for exercise. However, consider the cost of it, the regular maintenance, and problems that occur with high level of humidity in such closed spaces, and only then decide whether you are ready to work hard around it, so that you can enjoy having it.

Article supplied by Dennis Evans

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