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How to hang your washing - the efficient way

by Ali's Wonderland (follow)
Do something today that your future self will thank you for...
As a busy stay at home Mum of two little girls and a tradie husband I try to avoid a backlog of dirty washing by washing everyday - sound familiar?

Before children part of my corporate life was to map processes. So my brain is trained to automatically switch to efficiency mode with even the menial of tasks, including the washing. Some may think I am a crazy control freak, but read on and you be the judge to see if there is some method in my madness.

Before children I used to sort the washing as I pulled it out of the machine, a pile for my husband and a pile for me. This process has become increasingly difficult as there are now four people and tiny socks, bibs, singlets and so on. A pile which has now become entangled in a web that even spider man would find hard to negotiate.

Basket of washing
Look familiar?

So here is what I decided to do:

1) I have now started sorting the washing out as I hang it on the line.

Where to start?
Where to start?

2) I have decided that each person gets there own section of the washing line. There are four of us and four sides of the clothes line so each person has their own side. It does take a little longer at first, but it saves time in the long run when it's time to bring the dry clothes in.

3) Once they are dry, I simply bring in and fold one side of the clothes line at a time, making sure I match like clothing together (eg: undies, t-shirts etc.) This makes it super easy to then take the basket from room to room and pack straight into the drawers and cupboards.

Great tip: I do not iron and specially buy clothes that do not need ironing.

Got it sorted - pardon the pun

So, crazy or an efficiency genius, you be the judge.
We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas of making this mundane task a little easier and quicker.

Any ideas? Please comment in the box to the right.

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There is just me (and a cat) in my house. I have 2 independent lines. I hang personal items (sox, underwear, shirts, slacks) on 1 line and household items (linens) on the other. If it starts to rain I rescue the personal stuff and let the other have another rinse if I don't have enough time to rescue them.
I have enough indoor space that I can hang most items indoors if necessary.
Great ideas, I say it's definitely genius not crazy at all. I do put mine into piles like that but have never thought about each having a section on the line I will have to try it.
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