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How to create a Zen home

by haylie (follow)
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How to create a Zen home

Being able to escape the pressures of everyday life is essential, which is why your home should ideally be a relaxing sanctuary. If you struggle to escape the daily grind even when at home, your home could use a Zen makeover.

What is a Zen home?

The principles of Zen – awareness, present-moment focus, acceptance, tolerance, patience etc. – have long been integrated with the principles of home design. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to designing a Zen home, positivity, relaxation, harmony and balance should be integral as these influences will allow you to create a home that is at peace.

Clear out the clutter

A home that is full of clutter has no hope of being relaxing, so the time to spring clean is now. A Zen home should ideally be as minimalist as possible, so make good use of clever storage systems to stow away all unused items and fiddly odds and ends which will leave your home feeling open and comforting.

Let there be light

Let’s be honest, homes that are light and airy always seem to be more calming don’t they? Achieve this level of quiescency in your home by introducing more light. Positive energy in a home is paramount when trying to create a Zen atmosphere, and what source could prompt positivity more than sunlight? A home that is flooded with natural light will not only feel more positive, but will be more in tune with nature

Choose Earthy tones

Never underestimate the power of the right colour palette in a home. The simple act of integrating earthy tones into your home – whites, greys and beige shades – has the power to stimulate a sense of relaxation and composure. A natural colour palette will also heighten the presence of natural light in a home – you’ll be amazed at how stimulating this can be for your sense of sight.

Swap stimulation for relaxation

Combining a Zen home with a modern home can be quite tricky, as most modern homes are now laden with mod cons. Although convenient, having a host of electrical gadgets at your fingertips means you are always connected, and being connected can create too much stimulation. Make sure you swap stimulation for relaxation every night by switching off all mobile devices and disconnecting yourself from work and other encumbrances.

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