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How To Create A Fun And Functional Home Office

by bob.g (follow)
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Your home office is where you will spend most of your time. Therefore, you should create it to please yourself visually and ergonomically. You should place the office items conveniently and strategically to accommodate your needs and the needs of your clients. The goal is to develop a working area that is so attractive, captivating and motivating that you never want to step outside of it. You also want to have an area that other people envy because they want to be in it with you. The following are some tips for creating a fun and functional home office:

Image attribution: Nick Keppol via Flickr

Choose the Right Amount of Space

The last feeling you want to have in your home office is a feeling of claustrophobia. You should have enough space in your area to smell freedom even though you are in the confines of your walls. Take your time, take measurements, and ensure that you have enough space for tranquillity.

Start With an Uplifting Paint Selection

The visual mood setting should be your next concern. Certain colors motivate, and certain colors deflate. You want to be energetic and motivated in your workspace, so your paint or wallpaper should invoke that. Red represents energy and power. Green represents health and growth. Yellow represents fun and happiness. You can use a combination of several of those colors, or you can choose one that suits the mood you want to have at all times.

Image attribution: Nick Keppol via Flickr

Create the Vision of Your Dreams

Ask yourself what you want to see when you walk into your office every day. Do you like a retro setup? Are you a contemporary man or woman? Do you have a “plain Jane” mentality? This area is your space, so you want to create something that you can enjoy looking at for many hours during the day.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

The equipment that you choose for your home office should make your tasks easier. For example, you may want to purchase a touchscreen computer for yourself. You may want to have an intricate wireless headset or a high-tech printer or fax machine. Your equipment will depend on your industry, but you should always choose equipment that boosts your productivity and increases the speed at which you provide service to your customers.

Image attribution: Marco Paköeningrat via Flick

Purchase Ergonomic Seats

Your office seating is perhaps the most important furniture item in your office. You will need to have something that can comfort you while you sit type and perform various tasks. You can find a wealth of contemporary yet ergonomic chairs that will make you want to stay in your seat all day long. One seat that you may enjoy is the Mesh Mirae red swivel chair. The red swivel chair is one that has extra padding in the buttocks area so you do not suffer pains in the rear end. The chair comes also with a perforated back so that your back can breathe while you work extended hours. The knee pivot tilt seat can be the perfect addition to your vibrant office vision.

You may prefer a Monti chair if you plan on spending extended hours at your job. The Monti chair is a leather chair with polished chrome, back tilt, lever controls and extra padding to protect you from a sore backside.


Finally, you must accessorize your area with any entertainment that you will enjoy using on your lunch breaks. A boombox is an example of something that you may want to set up in your office. Coffee makers, gym equipment and gaming systems are examples of such accessories.

You should be able to create the perfect work space with the above mentioned tips. Your work space is your world, and you do not have to be afraid to expand your horizons or try some things that are different. Your happiness with your surroundings can cause your business to flourish.

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