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How to Choose Recessed Lights for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Whether you moved into a new home and want improvements to make the kitchen more modern, or you would like the light installation in the kitchen section of the home to be more practical, recessed lights are your best choice. The so called can lights or downlights allow you to efficiently light the areas in your home where you work or relax or to have more light in spaces where there is one central light source such as a chandelier.

kitchen home recessed lights trend decor design interior stylish house

Recessed lights are installed in the ceilings and although they look small, you may be surprised at how strongly they illuminate the room. When you start your kitchen remodel you may find that to have recessed lights might be more expensive than you previously thought. In this case you can have only a few installed over the kitchen counter or cabinets to eliminate shadows that often interfere with your cooking. You can explore more options and have the rotating light bulbs, dimmable lights or spotlights positioned to accentuate the spots in the kitchen where you need more light. Whichever of the types you choose to give your kitchen more brightness keep in mind that creative, high quality lights can make even the most ordinary kitchen shine.

Choose Your Lights Smartly

Recessed lights are practical and suitable for almost any kind of space and once you install them, you might want more. This is exactly the mistake most people make when they install too many lights in the wrong spots or make an airport on the ceiling with recessed lights arranged in rectangular shapes. This does not illuminate the kitchen well and you still miss more light over the key areas. In order to avoid similar situations in your kitchen, always choose function over aesthetics.

kitchen home recessed lights trend decor design interior stylish house

Calculate how many recessed lights you need for your kitchen remodel based on the height and square footage of the ceiling, spots you want to lighten, the wattage of the bulbs and the total wattage.
Space the lights so they are 4 feet apart on an 8 foot ceiling or make sure there is 5 feet in between fixtures on a 10 foot ceiling. If you go wrong and install too many, you can use dimmers to control the brightness.
Choose the right housing for the lights. There are two styles available, the new construction style which is for spaces where you have easy access to the ceiling or wall, and the remodel style which is designed for rooms without attics or ceiling panels.
Go for trims that are 6’’ in diameter. The trims are the visible parts of the light that range in sizes and designs, and it is advisable to get trims that best suit your needs, be it for task lighting, general or ambient lighting.
Have LED emergency lighting installed for unexpected power cuts when sudden darkness may lead to major injuries in the kitchen.
Hire a professional in case you are not experienced in installation work yourself.
Use halogen bulbs instead of fluorescent or incandescent light because they provide the type of light that best works for kitchens.
Position the lights over central points of all the upper cabinets, over the sink or fridge, at 5 to 6 feet apart.

Install the recessed cans too far apart.
Choose recessed trims where one can see the inside of a can with a bulb.
Have recessed lights on wet or damp surfaces in the kitchen.
Use these lights on concrete ceilings or the ceilings with decorations. Installing new lights on concrete ceilings may present danger to the whole building construction.
Hesitate to consult a professional electrician about any concerns regarding the electrical load, the circuit or the material needed for the job.

kitchen home recessed lights trend decor design interior stylish house

Let It Be Light
When it comes to a kitchen remodel, most people somehow forget about lights focusing on furniture and kitchen appliances, but with the right choice of recessed lights, just about any kitchen may become one perfect place. In addition, it does not matter if your kitchen is in dark or bright tones, light sources can accentuate it, make it more comfortable and fill your life with more positive energy. This is why recessed lights should be your number one choice when looking for ways to add more brightness to your home.

This article was written by Bill Brown.
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