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How to Build the Ultimate Garage

by VerityG (follow)
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Whether you’re short on personal space in the house or you’d like to see better use of your garage, you can dedicate any size of garage for yourself.

garage door inside home workspace man storage
Image by SplitShire via pixabay

Start with the basics

Before you begin to transform your garage, determine the necessary ways that you’re currently using the garage. You may currently park the car inside and store infrequently used possessions there. With some adjustments, you could easily optimize the space for a more efficient and inviting room. If you plan on major renovation and rewiring, be sure to obtain the appropriate permits in case of inspection and to secure the value of improvements when you sell your home.

Designate zones in the layout of the garage for the car and other areas. When the zones have been sorted out, consider storing your possessions, tools, and hobbyist gear in a storage system. Well planned storage provides a system for holding and organizing items. Custom shelving is available at a variety of prices, great for removing clutter. Splurge on a car lift to maximize vertical space if you own more than one vehicle.

garage door inside home workspace man storage
Image by Unsplash via pixabay

Getting comfortable

A dark and empty garage can make it hard to imagine the room as anything other than a place to hold your things.

garage door inside home workspace man storage
Activedia via pixabay

It will take some work to make the garage a place to spend an extended period of time. Lighting, countertops, and finished walls can bring a touch of class to a room that’s often neglected when it comes to interior decorating.

On the other hand, if you prefer a much more rugged aesthetic, install slick new flooring and keep the rest for the look of a cool loft. In the winter, when the temperature goes from refreshing to unbearable, a space heater will help you persevere through the cold winter months.

Concrete is a classic way to upgrade the garage. It’s polished but durable. Other types of materials used are rubber flooring tiles and liquid granite, but concrete can provide a wide range of choices for looks as well. Concrete’s finish changes the way that light bounces off it, so it’s important to pay attention to the choices available, such as epoxies and urethanes. Additionally, the finish can protect flooring from spills and other damage.

The largest door to your home

The garage door has two sides, and typically the one facing outside is seen the most. It endures some abuse over the years, such as scuffs, sagging, cracking, or simply inoperable.

garage door inside home workspace man storage
Image by Kapa65 via pixabay

If replacing the door has been put on the back burner for a while, renovating the garage is a great time for seeing it in a new way. At least you’ll have an opener that works!

There are many options when choosing a garage door. The outwards design can improve the curb appeal of your house. You can also opt for a door with glass panels. Let the sunlight in for when you spend time during the day on weekends.

Your space, your rules

If your TVs are regularly occupied by your roommates or family, the garage can easily transform into an additional TV room. All that’s required is a wall mounted TV and some simple seating. You’ll have a peaceful room to watch programs or to spend time with your friends. A fridge to chill a refreshing beverage will make the garage an even more inviting part of the house to spend part of the day.

If you’ve always wanted a home office or personal library, dedicate the garage as a quiet place to get some work done. A chair, a desk, and some bookshelves are some of the furniture you’ll need. For a more professional setting, you may want fluorescent lighting and a phone line installed. For trades work, install a workbench and proper ventilation.

A home gym is a great way to avoid the gym fees and eliminate travel time for exercise. For cardiovascular exercise, put in a treadmill or exercise bike. A simple gym for weight lifting can be done with a set of weights and an exercise bench. Other accessories like a mat can be used for yoga and stretching.

Get ambitious

If your garage is currently so heavily used that there’s no room for anything else, consider building a detached garage. The project to do so is much more involved, but you will be able to design it the way you want. Heating, lighting, garage flooring and other features can be customized to your needs.

This article is written by Anne Flemings.
Anne loves interior designing and is always in pursuit of the latest changes and trends in home improvement. Her other interests lies in cooking, painting and blogging. She is an enthusiast homemaker who lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids.

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