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Guide to Designing a More Personalised Home

by VerityG (follow)
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Does your home resemble many of the others you have been to? Everything is becoming unoriginal and of similar design – it is either classical or traditional or modern, and it’s all the same. When looking for design ideas for their homes, people keep browsing the internet. They often opt for popular solutions instead of designing a more personalised home. If you are facing a renovation yourself and want to redesign your place, then put your imagination to good use. Think about your own character and how it can be projected to your surroundings rather than what looks good on the design pages.


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When it comes to repainting, you don’t necessarily have to think “What colour goes well with the carpet and furniture?” If you are starting a full remodelling, you can do a thorough change and start with the walls and then get more specific. Pick a colour you like and then adjust the rest of the room to that colour. White and gray are neutral and will be most welcomed by guests as background that does not require your attention. Vibrant colours like yellow, orange, red, blue, and green are very untypical for walls... but you should definitely think about using them if you want to project some energy into the room. Colours have purpose and meaning, and they will make the scenery mean something – if not for your guests, then for yourself, and yourself is who you are looking out for. Alternatively, you can go with the shades of brown to give the room a more Victorian air, or some darker shades for a more meditative and melancholic feeling. And remember that you are not restricted to using one colour for every room – you use as many colours for as many rooms as you wish – it is you who has the ideas, who carries the tools and who does the painting and subsequent house cleaning, so go wild.


man woman couple young love painting decorating paint decor home clean fresh design roller fun

Pick furniture that will show style, pick furniture that will show character, or pick comfortable furniture that might not appeal to the sophisticated audiences – it does not matter. Pick whatever you like, simply keep it to your own taste. Whether it is an expensive sofa that will require a lot of attention and upholstery cleaning, but will look amazing in the middle of the room, or a few cosy bean bags thrown together to make a circle where you can spend time in the company of your friends in a leisurely environment, it is completely up to you. Luxurious or plain, extravagant or simple, posh or comfortable, take your pick of the bunch, or even make it half and half, and start decorating.

man woman couple young love painting decorating paint decor home clean fresh design roller fun

You should, of course, first start with the floors. You can have bare floors, of course, if you want to avoid carpet cleaning, with just a few strategically placed rugs – ones that add to the scenery of the room, or contrast to it, it matters very little to anyone but yourself. And rug cleaning is easier too, so it alleviates some effort from future home cleanings. Or you can place a variety of carpets to make for a more colourful room. Do you prefer the mixed and vibrant colours of Persian carpets, or do you prefer more simple, but fluffy ones where you can spend time sitting or even lying on when you are sick of the surfaces of your sofa and armchairs? There are just as many carpet types to choose from as there is furniture, so you cannot complain of lack of options.

man woman couple young love painting decorating paint decor home clean fresh design roller fun

The rooms you actively ‘use’ rather than ‘spend time in’, i.e. the kitchen, study, and bathroom, can use a few more appliances, or a few less appliances – whichever makes your life easier. While spring cleaning and discovering clutter, you can take it out and make more space for various cutlery or more appliances. And speaking of space, you should even introduce some space savers to your house. Add racks, stands, shelves and such to escape the clutter and have a place for everything.

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Feng Shui

One good way to design your home is only by removing the clutter and all the extra items which you don’t really need and only take space. The feng shui theory is that if you use only the items that fit into the category of what you use the room for – for example, a study would need bookshelves, a desk, a laptop, and so on – you will harmonize with the room and increase your productivity if you use the room for what it was designed. If you are a fan of that, then you can reduce your rooms to the bare basics and only add items that add to the essence of what the room will contain as a whole. That way you can completely personalise a room and be in tune with its contents.

At the end of the day, the more you know yourself, the better you will be able to depict your persona onto your rooms’ outlook. Your imagination is the only limit that you could meet on the way to a more personalised home. So think about these ideas and once spring cleaning is done, your creativity needs to step up to the challenge.

Article provided by Sofia Lewis.
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