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Easier Rug Cleaning Guidelines

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Rugs are an amazing choice for most homes, as they make the interior more colourful and interesting. They are, however, delicate enough to require special care during carpet cleaning. You need to be mindful of what products you use and whether they are appropriate. There are some regular tasks that need to be completed if you want them to look and feel great under your feet every day.

rug carpet cleaning hoover vacuum cleaner feet

The following tips and guidelines can easily help you make this happen:

Cleaning rugs often takes precedence over other tasks around a home if you want to make things work out right. You can work on flipping them and vacuuming them at least twice a month, better yet more often. You can do a lot with a rotating beater or a brush vacuum for wool rugs. Other types of rugs and carpeting can also be easily cleaned if you use a good quality, HEPA-certified vacuum cleaner to deal with most of your carpet cleaning needs. On the bright side, if your home has a synthetic rug instead, you can work on it to get it cleaned without any worries at all due to its incredible sturdiness of fibers.

rug carpet cleaning hoover vacuum cleaner feet

You need to work on avoiding vacuuming of anything with tassels or fringes, as they may end up being sucked in or damaged if the carpet is sensitive. The more delicate a rug is, the more careful you need to be. You may want to look for professional help in the form of a cleaning company to take care of things instead of potentially damaging your carpeting.

Shampooing carpeting and using sprays can work wonders to keep your rugs looking fresh and good for a long time. They are often created with specific types of rugs and carpets in mind, so you would do well to be very careful when you deal with your rug cleaning efforts. Whenever you use these you have to look after the rugs to ensure they have been cleaned thoroughly, especially since they may have left residue that needs to be removed before moving on. Some harsher chemicals used with cleaners that are not meant for certain materials can end up fading and damaging the colours of the rug. You need to follow the instructions on the cleaner before you move forward.

rug carpet cleaning hoover vacuum cleaner feet

Make sure you deal with any potential spills as soon as you see them happen, or else things may become worse. Leaving a stain on for any longer than few minutes it will take you to organize yourself will make it sink in. This easily spells doom for your rug, if what caused the accident is of a really staining nature. You need to start working on it by blotting out the affected area and absorbing as much of the liquid as you can. Depending on what you spilled, you may have to try multiple solutions to your problem. Never rub in circles as this will only exasperate the issue and it will cause more work for you in the long run.

If you have a pet in your home and it happens to be prone to accidents or marking its territory, then you will need to have readiness to use water and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio to blot out the spot as soon as it happens. That way the odor of the spot will be subdued. Baking soda helps as well in that regard. It can take a bit of work, but the end results will be far more manageable than using soap or another type of cleaner.

rug carpet cleaning hoover vacuum cleaner feet

At the end of the day, you would still do well to hire a professional carpet cleaning company from time to time to get the job done. They have the necessary experience, manpower and machines with the right cleaners to complete the task without damaging your favorite rug. It might take them a bit of time, but they have multiple potential ways they can clean your rug and even other areas around your home, making upholstery cleaning and more a possibility as well. Simply research the companies on your current market to see which ones have been around for a while and whether the opinions about their services are great and you will have what you need. Call up your chosen company, see whether they can send a representative or you need to give them the rug for more specialised cleaning and you’re done.

Article provided by Sofia Lewis.
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