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Demystifying Energy Efficient Home Electricals

by jenny (follow)
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Home electricals like fans, air conditioners, lights both bulbs and incandescents, air coolers and others are some the heaviest contributors to your home’s electrical bills. Now with technological breakthroughs and all round eco-consciousness, breakthroughs have been made through which even household electricals can help save energy. Let’s take a closer look at these energy efficient products and their benefits.

Look for the Energy Star label:
Energy Star models are energy efficient. And that’s an understatement, this rating means that these models are the most energy efficient in any product category, exceeding the energy efficiency minimums set by the government. Always remember one simple rule, higher the energy stars present on a device, the more energy efficient it is.

Get the right size:
Never buy a product that isn’t in sync with the space you use it in. Oversized air conditioners, water heaters and refrigerators waste money and energy. Always buy home electricals once you’ve correctly estimated the size of the space and usage of the appliance.

Ceiling Fans: Not too many people use ceiling fans any more. Old ceiling fans were slow, bulky and heavy, which also meant that they had larger motors and consumed more electricity. Ceiling fans these days are a lot lighter, have more energy efficient motors and go a lot faster, while consuming less electricity.

CFL: All images used are from creative commerce section (free to use and share) http://carimg.sulekha.com/automotive-albums/default/original/energy_efficient_light_bulbs.jpg

CFL: Compact Fluorescent Lighting is the common white light, found in most homes. First devised as replacements for bulbs, that kept burning out every few months, it was later discovered that CFLs produce only pure light and not heat, therefore consume a lot less electricity. CFLs in today’s day and age make sense considering their longer shelf life and relatively low power consumption.

Air coolers: Gone are the days when air coolers were considered the poor man’s alternative to air conditioning. Today’s air coolers are more intuitive, come with multiple fan speeds and most importantly are at least 40% more energy efficient. With innovations like smart cooling and multiple vents, today’s air coolers are certainly a cooler alternative than they were half a decade ago.

Refrigerators: Refrigerators are amongst one of the top 10 inventions of the 20th century, what makes them relevant in the 21st is that they have been reinvented as ‘smart refrigerators’. Smart refrigerators come with a range of really nifty features, however from an eco-conscious perspective, they are special because of their compressors. Their compressors are extremely durable and a few of them even have what is known as an ‘inverter’ compressor. What this does is that it helps save energy, by storing some in a battery like cell, which makes them able to function even in a blackout for a limited time. The compressor is also energy efficient and this makes today’s refrigerators a major contributor to the saving of energy.

Human beings have evolved over centuries and eons and now even our electricals are doing so, and it is about time as well.

-It is time we realised that the energy we use is a depleting resource and we need to do whatever we can in order to make it last for the generations yet to come.-

Ivan Russell is an energy efficiency consultant who advises homeowners about the best way to maximise the energy efficiency of their homes.

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