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Deciding What Type Of Plumber You Should Call

by Robert Keith (follow)
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Calling the plumber is a pretty simple process right? Wrong. There are 8 different types of plumbers and each has their own unique skill sets. If you call the wrong type of plumber, youíll waste your callout fee, and youíll have wasted your time.

So to ensure you call the properly qualified trade, below is the definitive list of plumbers and when to call them.

1. Domestic plumbers

Image from Pixabay

Your run of the mill domestic plumber is most common plumber youíll need to call. They specialise in most domestic plumbing needs.

Whether your toilet or sink is blocked, the tap drips or even if you have a leak in the wall, a domestic plumber is the go-to trade for you to call.

2. Roof plumbers

Industrial Plumbing
Image from Pixabay

Is your roof leaking? Perhaps your drainpipes arenít functioning or maybe you need new guttering. Whatever the problem, if it's to do with your roof, then you should call a qualified roof plumber.

3. Commercial plumbers

Image from Pixabay

Do you run a restaurant, shopping center or large office building? If so, then a commercial plumber is your point of call. They are experts at large plumbing networks and will have your water supply working again in no time.

4. Industrial plumbers

Industrial Plumbing
Image from Pixabay

If you operate a factory, treatment plant, or mine of any description, then you should call an industrial plumber. They specialise in helping industrial businesses and facilities to comply with environmental regulations. Theyíll be able to help you out with all of your backflow prevention, waste management and highflow water needs.

5. Gas plumbers

Image from Pixabay

Gas Plumbers, otherwise known as gas fitters deal with all things gas. They arenít qualified (usually) to play with your water supply, however other plumbers arenít legally allowed to touch your gas needs. Theyíll help you with a range of tasks from running new gas lines, through to installing your hot water or stove top.

6. Sprinkler fitters

Image from Pixabay

In the unlikely case of an emergency, people's lives literally rely on the fire sprinklers to work effectively. This is why in many areaís of the world sprinkler fitters are a unique trade in their own right. It's their job to install, test and maintain fire sprinkler systems in office buildings, shopping centers and hotels.

7. Pipefitters

Image from Pixabay

Pipefitters are the highest qualified and most specialised form of plumber there is. As their name indicates they lay pipes... but only for hazardous waste. Whether it's nuclear waste from a power station, chemical waste from a factory, or jet fuel at airports, they take care of the whole lot.

8. Drainage plumbers

Image from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered why shopping centres, roads, and buildings donít usually flood when it rains? Well itís because the drainage plumbers have done a good job. These are the guys responsible for implementing and maintaining effective drainage systems in a wide range of venues.

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