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Cleaning and Remodelling Your New Home

by VerityG (follow)
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Are you going for a new home? At one point you will be left standing in front of your new house or flat, ready for the new stage of your life to begin. But you need to do some prepping first. If that new house is untouched by the last owners, and it may look a tad stale to your taste. If that is the case, it is time to remodel it to your liking – after all, it is your home now.

Cleaning Up

Start with cleaning the place. A fast and efficient way is to seek out a cleaning agency that will do the job swiftly so that you will not have to wait too much before the actual remodeling begins. Ask around for a reliable cleaning company and have them send some people over to shine your place up.

cleaning new home woman cleaner rubber gloves kitchen

If you can’t afford to go for cleaners, or simply are a do-it-yourself kind of person, roll up your sleeves, get a vacuum, a duster, a cloth, wipes, and cleaning products, and get busy.

cleaning new home woman cleaner rubber gloves kitchen

Start from top to bottom

People tend to neglect the fact that there is a certain order to cleaning. If you start with cleaning your floors first, and then proceed to the walls and ceiling, all the dust, dirt and cobwebs swept from there will end up on your newly vacuumed floor. Avoid this simple mistake. Take out that duster and start removing all the dirt you can see from the ceiling, shelves, and table or counter surfaces. Now it’s time for the wipes and windows. Scrub the grime and nasty stains off the panes and sills, shine your windows to give your new home a nice new and fresh look. Then comes the vacuum to take care of all the fallen dirt and leave the place as best cleaned as it could be. If necessary, do some further carpet cleaning.

Do the walls / add a theme

If the current wallpapers or paint job are not to your liking, it is your choice now whether to change them or not. If there are any paintings left from the previous owners, you should remove them to see if the walls are discoloured. If yes, then you have to do some changing up if you want a brand new looking place. Repaint the walls or add new wallpaper.

This is the time to use the need of new colour to implement some theme to the new house or flat. You should use the opportunity to personalise the place to fit your character. Add some vibrant colours if you have an energetic personality. Add darker colours if you are more of the pensive type. Or just go with the good old white or light gray to have a neutral, guest-friendly home if you expect to have lots of visitors.

furniture sitting room lounge grey decor calming house home neutral peaceful haven sofa settee cushions


Organisation is important. When it is time for the furniture, do not just pile everything up and start looking for corners to shove it in. Use your creativity to find a place for everything. You can plan out the room beforehand, and later simply place everything in its respective place. There might be old furniture left by the previous owners, and it could put a spanner in your plans, so think about whether you want it in your house or you want to donate it or throw it away. If you want to implement a particular style, you should organise your things in accordance to that style. A wide-space centre in the room, or a busy middle and spacey surroundings – there are tons of ways to order your things. Think about what suits you best.

Organising the kitchen can be quite the tedious task, so have patience there. Sort out the kitchen appliances and counters; place the tables at a convenient spot. Now comes the hard part – the cabinets, drawers, and cupboard. Finding a place for all the plates, cups, bowls, and utensils is quite tiresome, but do think about sorting them out as well. A well-sorted kitchen where you know where everything‘s place is much easier to cook in. For easier organising, get actual drawer organisers for the utensils. Adding a few racks is also a good idea – hanging the pans in plain sight saves you the trouble of going through all the cabinets looking for them.

cleaning new home woman cleaner rubber gloves kitchen

Be green

You can be eco-friendly while doing all of the above as well. If picking professional cleaners, check how green the company is. If you are doing the cleaning yourself, use greener cleaning products. Avoiding the standard chemical-filled products will have a healthier effect on your home, yourself, and your family as you will not have to breathe the toxic odours they leave after cleaning, and your carpets and walls will last longer.

If the previous owner did leave a few things, try to implement them in your new house instead of throwing them away. If you absolutely need to throw out things, do not just dump them in the waste bin, send them for recycling instead. This way you are helping the environment as well as yourself.
Again, have patience. Cleaning up and remodeling a new home is a toilsome task, but if you put your mind to it, the effort will hardly seem as much. And when you are done, the satisfaction will be great.

cleaning new home woman cleaner rubber gloves kitchen

Article provided by Sofia Lewis

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