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Almost Un-killable Plants

by Wendy Martin (follow)
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If you're terrible at keeping houseplants alive and have simply given up at ever having a plant int your home, here are 5 that are ideal for you.

dead plant
No green thumb? If your houseplants look a bit like this, there are plenty of plants you can still enjoy. Image credit: Paige Foster/sxc.hu

There are a variety house plants that can thrive in low light conditions, need very minimal maintenance, and will accept erratic watering.

Here are some of the easiest houseplants to bring into the home:

dead plant
Chinese Evergreen is a hearty plant that is ideal for low light areas. Image credit:Marissa Anderson

Chinese Evergreen
The attractive and extra tough Chinese Evergreen is a great choice for low-light areas of the home in need of brightening. The leaves include shades of green, gray and silver and it can grow quite large up to a metre in height.

If you have children or pets however, be cautious as this plant can sometimes cause irritation to the throat, tongue, or lips if chewed by children or pets.

Grape Ivy
A Grape Ivy is a great choice for creating lush-looking hanging baskets. This plant has tendrils that will soon cling to a stake or trellis to train its shape of growth. Grape Ivy has textured leaves in shades of deep green and can grow rather long if given the chance. While they prefer moist soil, they are great for warm temperatures to they are ok for warm tropical environments (as well as perfect plants for the bathroom or humid areas.)

grape ivy
Grape Ivy is ideal for moist and warmer rooms of the house, or outdoors in more tropical weather. Image credit:GreenAcres4U.com

The compact sized Peperomias offer colorful, waxy foliage that helps to introduce color to an otherwise plain room. Peperomias are a group of plants, including the silverleaf, baby rubber plant, watermelon peperomia, and ripple peperomia. They all include textured leaves in a choice of colors and designs. This houseplant requires low to medium light, and sporadic watering is ok.

Peperomia is ideal as an indoor plant as it thrives in low to medium light environments. Image credit: Creative Commons

Lucky Bamboo
You'll find these everywhere in pots at your local florist or sometimes in shopping centres. It's an inexpensive plant and one of the hardest to kill. It thrives in low light.

lucky bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is inexpensive and hard to kill, making it the perfect houseplant. Image credit: Shutterstock Hellen Sergeyeva

However, it's important to note, using bottled will ensure fast growth and a beautiful deep green color of your lucky bamboo. Tap water often has chemicals and additives that are not found in the plant's natural habitat. By watering with tap water, the leaves often turn yellow and the plant will die over time.

Pick up these plants and add them to your home to better the air quality and create a nicer environment today.

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I have to admit to having killed a lucky bamboo.... not so lucky for that plant!

I can heartily recommend spider plants as well for being virtually unkillable. I used to be a teacher and always had spider plants in the classroom, as it didn't matter if they were over or under watered and they don't mind if they are in sun or shade.... essential qualities for survival in a school environment!

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