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A Quick Guide to Popular Types of Houses in Australia

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Types of houses in Australia come in varying shapes, sizes, designs and even histories.

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Most house designs are adapted to each region’s geographical characteristics such as latitude and altitude and climate - the average temperature in summer and winter as well as the number of snowy or rainy days in a year.

Small wonder why around the world, interesting types of houses emerge. For instance, underground and mud houses shelter people from the scorching heat in Africa and South America. Snow houses or igloos protect eskimos during the freezing months. Stilt houses are often found in coastal areas to evade unstoppable floods.

In that short tour, we learn that designers (architects and engineers) come up with different house shapes and styles not merely for aesthetic reasons but mainly to serve the dwellers’ pressing need for comfort and security.

Now, fast forward to the 20th century in Australia.

What are the typical housing options available in Australia?

Whether you’re planning to buy a home this year, transfer to a new rental space, or move into a new home as soon as you can, this quick guide to the popular types of houses in Australia can help you.

1. Apartments

house building blueprints builder hat helmet hammer workman DIY new home
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These are commonly called “flats” in Australia. They often refer to the modern, glamorous, sky-rise residential unit where dwellers share the building with many other occupants. Located in commercialised areas and big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, apartment dwellers have quick access to city convenience and their workplace.

a. Studio Type - a type of an apartment unit or flat without division between the kitchen, the living room, and the tiny kitchen. It’s also commonly referred to as a Bachelor’s pad.

b. Large Duplex - two dwelling spaces that share at least one wall and the same entrance. It’s a popular choice among Australians because it is considered as one property with two separate paying renters or owners.

2. Single-Family Homes - if apartment buildings are multiple housing unit in a single plot, single, detached houses are independently owned homes situated on one plot of land. They are located in the inner suburbs and outside the busy central business district, where population density tends to be lower.

a. Terrace House

house building blueprints builder hat helmet hammer workman DIY new home
Image by Biatch via Wikimedia Commons

Terrace House can be either Victorian and Edwardian. This Australian house style came about as a response to a growing population in the major cities of Australia. Now, they are usually found in the older, inner city areas.. This structure is inspired by European architecture (France, Italy, and UK) during the 19th century where brick and stucco coverings are the most common materials used in building and “Filigree style” is its dominant feature.

b. Federation Bungalows

house building blueprints builder hat helmet hammer workman DIY new home
Image via pixabay.com

The word “Bungalow” comes from “Bungalo”, an Indian word for dwellings built according to Bengal style. The British adopted this style in their summer retreats in India during their colonial rule. This style later became popular in US, Europe, and in Australia. Generally, bungalows are low single-story houses (sometimes with tiny second floor close to the roof). They have stunning verandas, large porches, and attractively sloping roofs.

Over to You:

What features are you looking for in a home? Are you attracted to big and beautiful houses? Or are you satisfied with small but modern houses? What types of houses can you afford?

Stay tuned for more information about Australia’s ever-increasing range of housing options.

The home you’ve been dreaming of is closer than you think.

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