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7 uses for beer at home

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Western civilization was literally built on beer. The first city in the world reserved 50% of their wheat crop for the production of beer and during the middle ages beer for breakfast was normal because the alcohol killed any bacteria in the water.

Attribution: Flickr: Adrian Pike

While many people enjoy throwing down a few cold beers on a Sunday afternoon , there are other more practical uses that beer can be applied to at home. Here are my 7 favourites.

1: Wash your hair

When I point this out to people I am not sure if they think I am crazy, joking or some sort of crazy joker. However beer has long been used as a shampoo and conditioner.

The most common beer shampoo is a combination of beer and raw egg. Sounds both crazy and smelly but obviously as you are washing your hair the beer and egg will wash, but it will leave your hair with a great shine. You can try this with or without the egg.

Another recipe involves heating the beer in a sauce pan to reduce the alcohol before using it to wash your hair.

2: Beer fire extinguisher

Need to put out a small fire at home but you didn't bother to invest in a fire blanket or fire extinquisher, then reach for a bottle of beer. As anyone knows who has shaken a bottle of beer, it can really foam up and that foam is effective in cutting out air to a small fire.

beer foam bubbles drinking alcohol fire safety kitchen home life hack top tip
Image by PatternPictures via pixabay.com

While this is my favourite tip, remember it was probably the beer that made you drunk enough to accidentally set something alight, and it is the beer that might impair your judgement and reach for a bottle of beer like a drunken MacGyver. It works though, but if you have another way to put out the fire, don't dare think about wasting good beer.

3: For household cleaning

Beer, is there nothing you can't do? Beer can be used to polish both metal pots, especially copper, and wooden furniture. The acidic nature of beer makes it a great cleaning agent though I would avoid using it as a wood polish unless you want that seedy beer hall smell in your home (I assume some readers will go for that).

Beer is also a natural fungicide and can be used to remove and prevent mould.

4: Beer in the garden

What to do with left over flat beer at the end of a house party? The best thing is to pour it out over your garden. It is especially good where you might have a brown spot in your garden because as said before, beer is a natural fungicide.

The yeast and other extracts help plants to grow and can be a great addition to a newly laid vegetable or flow bed. Sorry the vegetables won't end up tasting like beer.

5: Beer bubble bath

Ladies if you can't convince your man to have a normal bubble bath with you, maybe he will like the idea of a beer bubble bath. One bottle is usually enough, and the beer that is most recommended for this is German Badebier, but you could try other similar dark beers.

The beer and bubbles are great way to rejuvenate and soften your skin.

6: Get rid of certain pests

If you have beer around your house you normally end up attracting one type of pest, who drinks your beer, crashes on your sofa and then expects breakfast in the morning as well. However beer is actually a good way to get rid of actual pests.

The most common use is to kill garden slugs. Bury a bowl or other small open topped container in your garden so the rims are level with the soil. Fill it with beer and garden slugs will be attracted to the beer, fall in and drown.

beer foam bubbles drinking alcohol fire safety kitchen home life hack top tip
Attribution: Flickr: SteveR

You can do something similar to kill mice. Pour a bottle of beer into a large bowl. Put a ruler or something leading up the edge of the bowl. The mice will be attracted to the smell of the beer and climb up the ruler and fall into the beer. The idea is that the mice will drink the beer and be too drunk to get out of the bowl.

7: Cook with it

Beer is great for cooking. I absolutely love beer bread. It is as easy to make as soda bread and tastes much nicer. The choice of beer will change the flavour of the bread as well.

People use beer as a Marinade for meat, especially beef, but one of the most popular ones now is where you bake a chicken that is stood upright on a can of beer. In the Southern China province of Guangxi there is a famous beer fried fish dish that is absolutely delicious.

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