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6 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

by Pauline (follow)
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If we've spent a lot of our time, money and effort to make our homes look good, we certainly want them to smell as good as they look.

Here are some ways to make our homes smelling nice and fresh:

natural light, open blinds, open shades, fresh home
Aroma Reeds

1. Aroma reeds / Fragrance diffuser
Place a bottle of this simple and stylishly presented fragrance in the living room and let the delicate aroma scent the home. It is worth to invest in a bottle of quality fragrance which can last for seven to nine months. The Royal Doulton aroma reeds in %Fresh Linen% has one of the best scent which is not overpowering and perfect for living/sitting room.

natural light, open blinds, open shades, fresh home
Scented Candles

2. Scented Candles
Burn some beautiful fragrant candles to make the home smells inviting. They come in various fragrance and are widely available in department stores. Some come in different sizes and designs which can double up as table centerpiece or decorative items.

natural light, open blinds, open shades, fresh home
Fragrance Oil Burner

3. Fragrance Oil Burner
Another inexpensive option to scent up the home with essential oil burner / vaporizer. Choose from a variety of fragrance you like and use several drops of oil per instruction on the bottle. Do be careful with the use of appropriate tea light candles only.

natural light, open blinds, open shades, fresh home

4. Open the blinds and windows
Allow natural sunlight in the home at least four to five hours daily as this helps to remove odors and stale air naturally. Ventilate the room and freshen up the air by opening the windows to improve air circulation and prevent stuffiness.

Natural Fragrance, Lime

5. DIY Natural Fragrance
This is a cost effective way to make your home smell fresh and natural with citrus and herbs. For example, boiling a pot of water with lime, thyme, and vanilla extract will spread the smell to the entire house. There are many recipes available online to make your own natural home fragrance.

Natural Fragrance, Lime
Potpourri, Source: Wikipedia, by Sanjay Archaya

6. Potpourri
Make your own or buy some potpourri to make your home smell good. Place it in a decorative bowl at the corner of a room and let the scent lightly fill the air. Be sure to replace it regularly as it does lose its smell after a while.

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