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5 Ways To Use Old Pantyhose

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Pantyhose with holes or runs may not be useful for their original purpose but they can be used in other ways. Here are five ways of recycling old pantyhose:

1. Garden ties
Cut pantyhose into wide strips. Use the strips to tie up plants in the garden. The strips are useful for tying tomatoes to stakes and climbing plants to a fence or trellis. The pantyhose doesn’t cut into plants’ stems the way string tends to.

Plants tied to wire
Image: Marie Vonow

2. Bulb storage
Some bulbs need to be dug up each year and stored in a dry place until it is time to plant them again. They can be popped into the leg of old pantyhose and hung in the shed. The air can circulate around them so they will not rot or go mouldy. They are also easier to find than if they are stored at the back of a cupboard.

Plants tied to wire
Bulbs in old pantyhose waiting until planting time. Image: Marie Vonow

3. Find a small object
Pantyhose can help you find a small object such as a 5c piece, an earring or a ring that has ended up under the fridge or another hard to get at place. Pop a piece of pantyhose over the end of your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Secure the pantyhose firmly with a rubber band. Turn on your vacuum and use the nozzle to safely retrieve the lost object.

Plants tied to wire
Image: Marie Vonow

4. Secure a bin liner
The band at the top of a pair of pantyhose can be put to good use. Cut the band off and use it to hold a bin liner in place.

Plants tied to wire
The bin liner is now securely in place. Image: Marie Vonow

5. Hair brush
Cleaning hair out of a hair brush can be fiddly and tedious. Cut a piece of pantyhose and stretch it over the head of the brush. Use a rubber band to hold it in place. The bristles will poke through the pantyhose and the hair will get caught on the pantyhose. Replace the pantyhose with a clean piece when it gets covered in hair.

Hair brush
Replacing the piece of pantyhose is quicker than cleaning hair out of a brush. Image: Marie Vonow

Instead of throwing old pantyhose away they can be recycled and given a second lease of life.

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