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5 reasons you need to have home theatre

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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The essence of home-based theatre is fun, no arguing about that. But, is this reason only sufficient to make us decide to spend up to a couple of thousands of dollars, in order to get what we desire? Of course it is not, so here are five more reasons on why you should take into consideration buying one of these modern marvels.

Movie theatres are overrated.

Simply put, the technology of development in the section of the cinema is way back behind home theatres. Although we must agree that cinema has the advantage when it comes to current premiers and movies, but this is somewhat averted with the rise of the Internet. Simply make and assessment. Is it worthy to go to the cinema, being surrounded by people who are always talking (frustrating!), only to waste your $10? In short notice, the same movie will be available either for purchase or over some subscription method, and you can watch it over as many times as you like. Plus, home theatre has the sound system which cannot be compared. (Try watching this scene in 5.1 surround system, and try not to take cover under the table)

The control.

When watching the movie in cinema, somebody else is in charge with the remote, obviously. This means that if you must go to the bathroom, you will miss the part of the movie. And you paid for watching! This is completely avoided with home theatre. You wish to pause the movie, you pause it. If it is too loud, you turn the volume down. All of those things are in your grasp, so naturally, the enjoyment is bigger. Also, there is no need to plan several days in advance when to watch the movie, you watch it when it suits you, without the need to reschedule everything else.

Other purpose.

You have a huge TV which can be used for something else besides watching movies. Male population often enjoys a beer or two with friends while playing video games. For unknown reasons, Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA are the most common titles played this way, but if you wish to step up your experience, try playing Skyrim. Those dragons will be huge, giving you completely different experience and the world of gaming will not be the same anymore. And, if you experience even greater entertainment, grab its expansion, Dragonborn, there is an option to ride a dragon. Truly unique.

Installing home theatre is easy.

Once, installing every piece of modern technology was such a drag. Today, thanks to the Internet, you can find literally everything. According to one of the best home theatre distributors in Melbourne , quite often people wish to install everything on their own. Regardless, those professionals are still there to make sure that everything is in order. Perhaps the sense of great achievement, or valuating own effort more drives these people, but in any case, it is not much of a problem anymore.

The quality.

As we said, in terms of sound quality, home-based theatres are absolute rulers. Thanks to HDTV technology which is slowly becoming standard, the prices went down significantly, due to harsh competition. As consumers, these are great news, for the bigger the competition, the better sound and image quality will be, with more or less reasonable rise in price. Still, you can grab a model of a certain theatre from a few years back, save some money, and still enjoy your movies to its fullest.

To conclude everything, the most important thing is to know what you want. If you wish pure, uninterrupted entertainment, opt for home theatre. Basically, in long run, you may even save money.

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