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5 Questions to Ask for Getting the Best Furniture Pieces

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5 Questions to Ask for Getting the Best

Furniture can either make or break the image of your home. It is important to take your time and choose furniture wisely.

Also, unless you a super-rich, you should try and get the best furniture for the least cost. See to it that youíre making right decision by asking the following questions before you set out to purchase furniture:

1) Do you really need brand new pieces or will second hand do?

People often become impulsive while purchasing furniture. Maybe your kitchen really needs a new dining table, but you can get trendy chairs second hand? Before buying furniture, you should find out whether is it an absolute necessity to buy a brand new piece. If not, go for second hand pieces. Youíll find plenty of options from sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Also, keep your eyes on newspaper ads where you can find good deals on moving sales. However, the best option while purchasing second hand pieces is to buy from trusted sources. For example, if your sister-in-law is willing to sell her few-months-old timber coffee table, then it might be a chic new addition to your study room. That too would be great for your budget. Also, since it comes from a trusted source, you can definitely rely on its quality.

2) What Purpose will It Serve?

Buying a large study table for your toddler would be a waste of money, as the child wonít be able to use it. This often happens with people who lack to define a concrete purpose for buying furniture. For example, your living room will require big sofas but your bedroom is okay with small, nicely carved wooden tools. So, before deciding on designs and colors, it is important that you decide it's purpose first. Youíll be surprised to see that half of your needs will vanish in thin air, and youíll be able to save plenty of money.

3) Have You Taken Maintenance Costs into Account?

This question applies for both new as well as second hand furniture. It is inevitable that over time, shine of your furniture will fade away and it will show other signs of ageing. It will need proper cleaning and maintenance too. Before purchasing furniture, you should take into account its maintenance costs. Hence, ask your store manager about any guarantee or warranty, even for a simple coffee table. Also, get an approximation on the cost that will be required for its refurbishing.

4) Is the Item Good Enough for Replacement?

Many stores nowadays offer attractive furniture replacements. Most people rush to avail such offers without even blinking. Thatís a big mistake, because replacement can often result in more harm than good. A proper examination of the piece is very important before giving it away. For example, you might wish to exchange old chairs of your drawing room.

But, if you find that a little expenditure can keep them going for another six months, then resist your replacement temptation. First of all, you would be spending more. Next, you donít know whether itíll serve you as good as your old one did. Till a furniture piece wears off completely, avoid going for replacement (unless you donít use it anyway).

3) How Long Do You Plan to Use It?

This question is a must for people who are spending on office furniture. It is important because longevity of furniture will determine the amount you should spend on it. For instance, youíll definitely look forward when buying a sturdy office desk, as it is going to stay there for at least three years. If youíre planning to change your furniture within a year, then it isnít a good idea to invest too much money. But if it is meant for regular wear and tear, then it is better to go for quality ones.

To summarise:

The questions listed above will help you to save money and get the best piece within your budget. In case you find everything very confusing, hereís an extra tip to start it right. Browse through as many online furniture stores as you can but be specific in site selection. For example, for commercial and executive furniture, check sites that deal in such furniture only. Most of them display their pieces along with descriptions. This will increase your knowledge base and will also give you a fair idea on what to buy and what to discard.

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