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5 Backyard Ideas to Improve Your Property

by bever (follow)
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The original idea behind the backyard was to have an area close to the house where one could grow food or serve as additional work space. Land was larger and the yard was where work was done.

Slowly, this changed to replicating open spaces as houses were built closer to each other, outdoor entertaining at home became popular, and it started to symbolise a wholesome and healthy standard of living. Today, both the front and backyard are spaces that can be used to add value to oneís property as well as improve oneís standing in the neighborhood.

To help you create a beautiful backyard space that is both functional and inspiring, here are 5 ideas you might want to consider.

Create a Garden Oasis

An oasis is a welcome blast of fresh vegetation in a modern jungle. Living in a neighborhood close to the big city or town where open spaces are limited affords you little opportunities to step out and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Yet you can now do this in your own backyard by creating a magical space where you can plant seasonal flowering shrubs and mixed greenery, add a walkway, and put overhanging foliage with a pretty patio set where you can sit, relax and rejuvenate. By choosing the right materials and plants, your backyard sanctuary can also be the perfect environment-friendly setting that will attract birds, butterflies, and friends.


Add a Customised Cabana

One of Australiaís finest products is the customised cabana which can add a natural aesthetic to your backyard. If you have children, they can use it as their imaginary castle, a clubhouse, or private space or you can use it to entertain, work, or tastefully store family treasures that you canít bear to toss out. The perfect cabana is by Melwood, a family business that excels in high quality garden rooms, studios, and cabanas that do not rot. Each product has a 10 year warranty, fast turnaround time, and does not require architect fees or council approval.


Upgrade to a Modern Barbeque Pit

The portable barbeque stands are practical but how about creating an open fire pit without spending much? If you can find a large dark metal wok, you can dramatically position it in one area of your backyard supported by a solid stone foundation. You can even create your own pit yourself, here are some DIY instructions if you are game! Although if you donít like the idea of a permanent fire pit, then transform a metal wheelbarrow into a rolling pit which you can safely store away when not in use. Within safe distance, you can add some chairs and beautiful plants with a few garden torches to add an element of mystery and romance.


A Stony Backyard

Since not everyone has a green thumb, there are other options for the backyard like a brick or stony accented area where you can put an open cabana with a patio set, outdoor sofa, or a pool. If bricks or stones donít appeal to you, you can use wood but you will need to treat it periodically if you want to avoid the faded look.

Start a Vegetable Garden

Today dictates that people start thinking about planting food to bring down the cost of living at the same time avoid depending on non-organic commercial products. You can start with herbs and enjoy the satisfying and emotional feeling of picking something fresh from your backyard. Also the idea of to grow an organic home garden chemical free produce in your backyard can also bring not only aesthetic value, it can also bring good health to your family here too. A double win. Might I add you family will love getting involved in this project, I know my four year old son loves to play with the worms in the sand.


All these ideas will add greater value to your property and enhance its appearance and your appreciation for what you have. With these ideas, you will have truly created a haven for you and your family at minimal costs.

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