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10 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Summer

by Robert Keith (follow)
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Spring has sprung, and Summer is hot on its heels! Now is the time to start preparing your home for the sweltering months ahead. Checking off a few of the ideas on the list below will help you save on energy costs and avoid expensive repairs.

1. Service Your Air Conditioner

If you have an air conditioning unit in your home and want to ensure its power efficiency and cooling effectiveness in time for summer, it is recommended to maintain an annual servicing schedule in spring. Besides getting the professionals out to maintain your air conditioner, you should also check and clean the filters on a regular basis.

2. Clean Ceiling Fans

Relaxing in Summer
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Before the temperatures start to rise, you will probably switch on your ceiling fans to keep the air circulating in your home. The chances are that after two seasons of sitting idly your fans will need a good clean. You can spray the fan blades with a dusting solution, slip over a pillowcase, wrap it snugly around the blades then grip while you remove to clean off most of the dust without creating a blizzard.

3. Clean Screen Doors

Mozzies, bugs and creepy crawlies like summer too! If you want to keep them outside where they belong, now is the time to start checking your screen doors and windows for cleaning or repairs.

4. Flip Your Wardrobe

Time to pack away all those bulky winter woolies and boots to make way for bikinis, boardshorts and flip flops.

5. Increase Pool Maintenance

Relaxing in Summer
Image From Pixabay

If youíre lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, itís important to make sure your chemical levels and pH balance are correct. Protect your big and little swimmers by taking a sample to your local pool store for testing (just to be sure that there are no nasties lurking).

6. Get All Decked Out

Your deck takes heaps of abuse from exposure hot sun and harsh elements as well as people and pets. To make sure your deck retains its charm and is ready to entertain, apply a fresh coat of quality exterior wood finish to protect it from those deadly UV rays.

7. Alfresco Dining

It's what itís all about, entertaining on the patio, deck or courtyard on a glorious summerís day. If your outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements all year round, then you might need to give it a good spit and polish to get it ready for entertaining. Otherwise, if itís time to redecorate, visit a specialist outdoor furniture retailer like Get Outside to find a new lounge or dining solution that will be the envy of your guests.

8. Fire Up The BBQ

Relaxing in Summer
Image From Pixabay

Time to pull the cover off the 4-burner beast and check for any signs of new inhabitants. Give your BBQ a good once over with a specialised BBQ cleaning solution and make sure you change the fat absorber in the drip tray. Itís not a pleasant job but will help prevent against fat fires. Oil up the plates and start planning your summer menus.

9. Take Out The Trash

So, the deckís varnished, the BBQís glinting with promise and the outdoor furnishings look inviting Ö shame about the old swing set in the corner and random pile of gardening tools cluttering up the place. Anything that youíre hanging on to because ďit might be useful one dayĒ or ďitís still good, we just donít use it anymoreĒ, time to cut the cord and sell it on Gumtree, give it to a mate or chuck it in the bin. If youíre not ready to part ways and have a garden shed, stuff it away out of sight until itís ready to be re-deployed.

10. Create Shade

The ceiling fans are spinning, the air conditionerís humming, the pool pump is whirring, and the Kreepy-Krauly is ticking. If youíre developing an anxious twitch about your next electricity bill, try creating some shade indoors with some breezy, lightweight window furnishings or installing reflective window film. Outdoor areas adjoining the house might also benefit from a shade sail. Keeping down the temperature in and around the home will help reduce your electricity consumption during the hotter months.

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